FXWars:Warp Drive: Boban Krsmanović, Freeform entry


Hi to all. :slight_smile:

First of all, 3D model I used are from Angryfly, and I downloaded it from here:

Even I post a Freeform entry, I’ve tried to make animation that is somehow bending and stretching space.

So here it is… first test… all critics very welcome:


Good luck to everyone! :beer:


That’s looking like you’re off to a great start!

Love the way the entire environment gets sucked in. Looks awesome. Keep up the good work!


Thanks a lot man.

I think you’re also on great start, though, I won’t comment on your thread until you got some animation in it. However, that Startrek ship you got is awesome, and I can’t wait to see it animated.

Thanks again, and I’ll try to update this very soon.