FXWars! TRON TRIBUTE !: Kay Poprawe, Light Cycle Race


I’m in this challenge with some friends.
Good luck everyone.


first lookdev test. a few elements expect the background and the bike are not final and just placeholders for fast lookdev.

first lookdev


Wow! That look dev looks Killer!

Really excited to see what you and your guys churn out!


nice work works dudes !.. i hope i get time to enter the challenge myself !


Oh yes, great start! Iam modelling my< own lightcycle atm and hope to find some more time to enter the challenge…really good start!



really great start! looking forward to seeing more!


Wow! Looking great.


Jaw drops.

Holy crap that looks amazing.


sorry for no updates. hopefully after this weekend we can show some new progress. coz the team and myself are fulltime workers and doing this in the sparetime.

but i hope to show up some stuff soon.

thanks to all who liked the lookdev so far.


Excited to see more of your work Kaypoprawe!

Yea, my team and I work full time jobs as well. As much as I’d like to commit more hours, the paid gigs come first.

That only leaves a few hours a night and weekends, and sometimes even those get taking away!

Ahh well, all in good fun.


small update… we have also a storyboard with around 36 shots. will post a non pdf version later this day or maybe lee who did it. but i am sure we cant produce all 36 shots in the given timeframe. not if we not working on it fulltime.

but a few shots for a teaser is truly possible.

here is a latest wip of the recognizer model i did on the weekend and the first rough preview of the tank benjamin did.

Recognizer Wip
Tank Wip

hopefully can show the bike wip soon also, if my colleague marco finish it.

Team Lineup

Lee Miller - Storyboard and Director
Marco Windrich - Modeling
Markus Pchalek - Camera, Animation
Benjamin Jürgens - Camera, Modeling
Christopher Puchta - FX, Particles, Dynamics
Dirk Bialluch - Sound FX
Kay Poprawe - Lookdev, Lighting, Rendering, Scene Assembling, Compositing, Camera and Modeling


really nice man, if you don’t mind, how was the trail behind the bike done. I’m tiring this and are looking for ways to do this.

yeah …everything looks great guys, good inspiration for me, thanks. :beer:



In the lookdev version its done with a motion path in maya and flow object. nothing super special. i think i will follow this approach later on.


So we have a free days in germany at the moment, time was used to put some stuff together.
Here is a rough edit of the tron tribute film we are doing. its just 20% of the complete piece and still in heavy progress.


Bike Status is 95%. Marco is modeling the Character at the moment. Then animator Markus can start rigging the char and make animations for the shots.

Hopefully I can show up same new stuff soon.


some new pictures and quicktimes. maybe the last update, because at the moment its really hard to say if we can finished this or not.

my team mates and myself are really busy with the payed gigs. so it really looks like we cant finished something. maybe some shots with no real start or ending. depends on the animator in the team. if he quit, cause of busy buisness, then they are no shots to present. i think… :frowning: the fx artist and a modeling artist allready quit… no time… :frowning:

but we working on a bike/char rez or derez as a last hope entry. its just a bonus. its better than nothing…

Maya Viewport Turntable (Click me)

Shot7 Preview Rendering (click me)

Maya Viewport Bike Turntable (click me)


That’s too bad to hear, what you have looks awesome! Hopefully you’ll be able to get a little more done, congrats on the existing work!


Thanks! We give our best to show something as a last resort. Doesn’t matter what, just something. ^^

Good Luck to your entry.


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