FXWars! The Big Freeze! Max Power (Flash Freeze)


OK, I’m gonna give this a try. I had the idea of flash freezing a wall with family photos, etc. and ending on a grandfather clock freezing with the pendulum stopping mid swing. That’s the idea anyway…:smiley:

I’m working on a freezing technique right now, I’ll post a samples soon.


I was fooling around and came up with this freezing effect. I made a quick camera map to see how it looks in 2-1/2D.


It’s mildly interesting I guess :slight_smile:


Sorry about that, I forgot how annoying geocities is. I created a page to put links to my work on this challenge.



hey that looks pretty nice! :slight_smile:


Looks good, im trying the same thing, im finding it hard to give it an organic look, like the object is being suffocated by the ice:(


Thanks guys :slight_smile:


[b][font=Arial]im finding it hard to give it an organic look, like the object is being suffocated by the ice:(

Yeah, it’s hard to come up with a good mask. I want to be able to better control the path of the frost, but I havent wrapped my brain around that yet.


Max_Power, how did you do it? did you just animate a color from black to white, animating the alpha value or something more complicated? :slight_smile:


I used fractal clouds in Commotion as an animated mask to transition from unfrozen to frozen.



ah okey :slight_smile: i might do some animated procedurals too (now they’re not yet animated :stuck_out_tongue: )


Hi buddy,

Metal is colder then wood and the frost should start from the brass parts of the clock, and work it’s way out.

For added effect crack the glass on the clock when the frost reachs the glass parts. Glass usually cracks when tempature changes quickly.

How did you do the frost? It looks a little 2D and photoshop’d.

Boy, you guys are already doing test renderings. I’m soooooo behind. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the tips mustan9 :slight_smile:

Cracking the glass is definately on the list.

The test was just for the mask, so that is all I was concerned about there. I’m working on animating a mask that goes where I want it to go.


Is your clock a 3D model, and are you using 3D Studio Max, Maya or XSI?


It’s a photo, camera mapped in Electric Image(DV garage version). So there is a 3d model, but it’s just the basic shape of the clock.


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