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 [b][b]Author: Velimir Abramovic[/b][/b]


“I will not work for the present no more, I am working for the future”- said Tesla to journalists gathered in New York City more than seven decades ago. – “The future is mine!” Inventor of alternating current, polyphase engines and generator, reversible magnetic field, radio, teleautomatics, inventor, on whose patents energetics of XX century is properly based, worked alone on explanation of cosmic processes during decades, having a desire to combine material and spiritual theoretically like he did it in his practical discoveries.

 Mentioning of Nikola Tesla's name now mainly connected with the so-called Tesla coil, inductive engine and international unit symbol to measure the force of magnetic field. Many facts of his life and his extraordinary creative gift are forgotten.

[b][b]Mystery of wardenclyffe tower[/b][/b]

Let's visit Tesla's laboratory in Colorado Springs again, where inventor made his experiments using electromagnetic field of high frequency. He studied operation of human brain on himself. He wrote to his fellow Johnson about some intelligent properties of electromagnetic field. Biophysical principles of neurology were born.

Just after this, in 1901, a construction on Long Island began. The matter concerns a complex transmitter of electromagnetic waves. Tesla applied all his knowledge to design it. They are: teleautomatic control, Hertz's wireless wave transmission, unique ether theory, according to which any natural element of Mendeleev's system has its own gravitational acceleration as well as its own techniques to control the speed of time course. A new physics was born.

A question appears what concept of the world lies in the basis of experiment with resonance concentration of magnetic and electromagnetic fields. Let's return for a moment to a mystic Monard and his picture of cosmos. Speaking about vibrations, he underlines the presents of different nations, races and tribes on the planet, but we cannot meet people, who could live without music and dancing. Even 2500 years ago Pythagoras said to his progeny that stone is a frozen music. Every particle of the physical Universe has a certain property, which is pitch and pitches of its separate frequencies, i.e. its melody.

Nature of influence of music on a man is the same as the nature of its influence on the world of things and events, because vibration is the basis for all. Frequency of vibrations of subatomic particles is very high and waves in the center of subatomic nucleus move quicker. Vibrations of all radiant energies (radio waves, heat, light, X-waves and so on) could be regulated. Electromagnetic spectrum in such consideration contains more than 80 known octaves and visual light is only a part of this rank.

Electromagnetic waves as acoustic waves in music have their own harmonious high-pitch tones and there is some kind of octave principle, i.e. doubling of frequency. Laws of music and harmony applied to electromagnetism give splendid results. That's why Nikola Tesla used the works by Herman Helmholz about sound in his electrical resonators.

Johan Kepler, an astronomer, who lived in XVII century, believed that every planet of Solar system is alive and there is a guardian angel on every planet, which listens its music. Planets "play music" on their circumsolar orbits.

A particular combination of sounds, which we call music, is an expression of relation between things, in other words, their likeness and difference. It is also a principle of appearance and disappearance of phenomena as well as the principle, which shows how new and younger systems form from coordinated harmonious systems. The inner structure of music is the same as the structure of all the rest.

A Dutch scientist Christian Huyigense in 1665 noticed that pendulums of two clocks hang on the wall near each other starts to work in rhythm. It is a universal phenomenon. When two or more oscillators begin to pulse with sufficiently small difference in time (with small shift in phases) their oscillations come to coincidence spontaneously. They behave according to the principle of minimum energy since every separate pendulum requires less quantity of energy with synchronous pulsation than in the case of arrhythmia. This co-ordination is everywhere, but we rarely notice it. We can say that all animate things are oscillators, which pulse and change their rhythms. Even the simplest unicellular organism is in complex oscillatory state. All motions on subatomic, atomic, molecular, subcellular and cellular levels are coordinated. In such an organism like a human one it is very difficult and even impossible to determine corresponding parameters. Our inner rhythms are closely interconnected and they are coordinated with external world. Physics of a man and states on his rarified plan (astral) change in one rhythm with the Earth's movement around the Sun, with ebbs and flows, change of day and night and with many other cosmic rhythms. With violation of coordination between these rhythms organism feels discomfort and even presentiment of near illness. 

Our physical body serves as exponent of our inner leading pulse and at the same time, it is our individual distinction in Cosmos. The so-called "fine body" in essence has an electromagnetic material base. Live of each of us is characterized by certain rhythmical scheme, which is subjected to physical death and retains an extracorporeal experience of the spirit, which should be reincarnated.

There is a supposition that the so-called "Shuman waves" takes place in the telepathic transmission of image and thought. These are waves of 7,8 Hz frequency, which form a field of standing waves in the space between ionosphere of the Earth and its surface. It is our natural electromagnetic layer, which can be fully felt at the seashore or in the forest, though sea and forest absorb other harmful frequencies. It may occur that a brain enters the state of resonance with some external structure; a result will be appearance of its image at a distance, i.e. there is a contact made by means of resonance but not by means of radiation. Since these waves have a big length (38 000 km), then transmission takes place immediately. Waves with such an extreme low frequency cannot be screened by usual means. In essence, waves of an organism often coincide with these waves by phase. However, the problem is that waves with such low frequencies can transmit quite little information and therefore it is often impossible to receive a clear picture and give a full description of images of things.

Modern holistic (integral) approach to understand the Universe has sacral traditions per se. These traditions were laid in foundation of any religion, which are Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, where we can find a clear statement that every part of Cosmos includes the whole. It is analogous to the principle of holography. It is considered that we can make a full hologram of the Universe based on any of its small parts. Formation of this hologram can take an arbitrary long time. Hologram of a real man is something different from physical basis of ideal cosmic rhythm.

Consciousness, which is a continual manifestation of rarified substance (astral) of a man, is shifted by its phase in comparison with genetic material, and conscious will is only a one of universal instruments of cosmic purposefulness. A "right" man acting in a "right place" is a man whose intentions are coordinated with cosmic rhythm. Conscious intention has a big power, and our main choice is to take a responsibility for its results. So, actually we are made of waves but not of matter, which is called "solid". All that we call things and events is a manifestation of acting of these waves. Every man has its unique cosmic identifier assigned by a certain function of waves, which represent us. Every man has his own hologram, which contains a universal information about time. Identifier is a main element of Cosmos; it characterizes an individual specificity of a subject, who using this identifier can influence on everything by methods, which even seem to be unusual. We are a peculiar hologram, so potentially we know all about all.

Secret of Wardenclyffe is deep-hidden, and it is impossible to speak about its real destination now. Nevertheless, many things show that the object built by Tesla in Long Island (that time it was a New York suburb) went ahead of all dreams of modern scientists. It was a translator of electromagnetic wave system, which could be easily checked. By means of these waves that scientist called earthquakes, "mental" shifts in people and animals, fired the atmosphere, made impenetrable energy barriers in ionosphere, controlled time, split and condensed the clouds by means of corresponding frequency of waves and, finally, he got an inexhaustible energy from ether using a principle of "ether" technology, which is still unknown for us. Great Master Tesla demonstrated his experiments to numerous witnesses, but he never announced all results and devoted anybody to his scientific principles. Real reasons to build this giant electromagnetic and mechanical oscillator were the motives much more serious than we can imagine.

A report by W. Pickering, professor of Harvard observatory, named as "Alternating light from Mars", was published in "New York Times" on January 16, 1901. It may be shortened like: "Last year in the beginning of December we got a telegram from Lowell observatory at Arizona. This telegram informed that a strong light flux was noticed coming from Mars and lasted for 70 minutes. Lowell observatory specializes on observations of Mars, and observer was an attentive, approved and experienced man, so we have no doubt in his statements. We will consider these facts immediately and will notify Europe and America via telegraph. The light came from the known point on Mars and there is no unusual in this point according to scientific data. Whatever there was, now we have no means to research anything. We cannot say with certainty if it is a sign that there is an intellect. For the time present this phenomenon is inexplicable."

When this information appeared, Tesla was in New York. He just returned from Colorado Springs, where he in the course of year made epochal and inexplicable experiments with electromagnetic field of strange resonance property. (Tesla's laboratory in Colorado was situated precisely on the summit of Pike's Peak. It is interesting that this peak was deified by Indians Hopi, they consider it a Spiritual Pole of the World).

Encouraged by the information he got from Lowell observatory, Tesla stated in the gazette that during his research in Colorado Springs he communicated with Mars himself. That time he made hints about that he already designed a device available for interplanetary communication, which will be improved in future. He wrote: "I'll never forget the first feeling that I felt when I understood that I have a contact with something, which will have priceless and immense results for all humankind. Thing that I noticed, frightened me as if I saw something mysterious and almost preternatural. Little by little I understood that I am the first who hear messages sending from one planet to another


A respected Professor Holden didn't consider Tesla's contacts with extraterrestrial beings by means of electromagnetism, because he thought it was not a serious case. Tesla did worked with some extremely long electromagnetic waves of a very high frequency that does not correspond to the accepted theory, because increase of wave frequency is always related only with short-wave transmission. However, Tesla's waves were different from those discovered by Hertz. They propagated with a speed, which far exceed the speed of light, better to say that their propagation were instantaneous. Tesla has his own theory of electromagnetism, which still is not interpreted. He discovered not only the possibility of wireless transmission of energy through the Earth and atmosphere without any losses, but also he proved an unprecedented "breakdown power" of these waves in negotiation of space. There is an unconfirmed legend that Tesla was the first who sent periodical signals to the stars. There were coded geometrical theorems like theorems by Tales, Pythagoras, and an Archimedean formula of harmonic series (we speak about addition of the series 1+1/2+1/4+1/8+

. Sum of this series is equal to two but number of terms can be infinite). Three days later Tesla was surprised to get a response. He guessed the principle, which lied in the basis of response code, and got a human face with regular features. At first he couldn’t understand, if this picture was made by those who sent this signal and wanted to show that they know our civilization, or they drew their own image to demonstrate that there are similar beings in Cosmos. If it is true, then it should be clear that Tesla refused from any open discussion of this discovery because he couldn’t get a due reaction. But soon something occurred that returned discussion of this problem in American press.

In 1902, a famous English physicist Lord Kelvin visited America. When spoke to Tesla, he expressed a full consent and understanding of the fact that details of Tesla's "extraterrestrial communication" were not for public discussion. After the banquet organized in his honor, Lord Kelvin said some good words about New York: "It is the city with the best illumination in the world and it is the only place on the Earth, which can be seen from Mars". In addition, as if in some kind of inspiration he finally exclaimed "Mars is signaling New York". This time nobody had objections. Even persistent Professor Holden kept silence. It was not polite to contradict to such an old and respected man as Lord Kelvin. Instead of objections an article written by the writer and publicist Julian Hotorn, Tesla's associate, appeared as a direct conclusion from this discussion. He described Tesla's sensational methods as a fantasy. Hotorn wrote: "It is evident that people from Mars and other old planets had been visiting Earth for years and attentively observe the development of our civilization. Besides, Tesla's birth changed all. May be, it is possible that people from the stars control his spiritual and scientific development, isn't it? Is there anybody who can know something concrete?"

In the heat of the disputes concerning Martians Tesla was alone in his Tower and continued to work hard and insensibly on the biggest project of his life, Wardenclyffe Tower to make radical changes in development of our civilization. These changes cannot easily be considered true.

[b][b]Earth - planet as a resonance system[/b][/b]

When made a decision to build a relaying station, Tesla at first bought a plot at Long Island and then asked a famous manufacturer Morgan for help. Morgan was a member of numerous secret organizations; also, he was a genius of business organization. He already had cancer and had a hope that Tesla's science would help him to recover. He expected that Tesla somehow would connect him to some energy sources and would make him to be young and healthy forever. Tesla thought that Morgan should be a man who would maintain this plan. He considered that a man has predestination of his life collisions and every man is predisposed to its own activity.

Negotiations between two old friends were private and hard. There is no clear information about the time when Tesla decided to begin the construction of Tower and about expectations of Morgan as an experienced businessman. 

During his public appearances, Tesla changed his statements on destination of the Tower at Long Island twice. At first, he stated that the question is about universal telegraph and telephone system of wireless energy transmission through the Earth. Technical properties of Wardenclyffe do not prove neither of them. The truth could be find in his letter to Morgan: „ What I contemplate and what I can certainly accomplish, Mr. Morgan, is not a simple transmission of messages without wires to great distances but it is the transformation of the entire Globe into a sentient being, as is were, which can feel in all its parts and through which thought may be flashed as through the brain..." 

Many authors, especially Tesla's biographers, blamed Morgan for reduction of financial assistance in the moment when Tesla was already on the threshold of very important discoveries, when it was necessary to finish and start his masterpiece, Wardenclyffe Tower. Tesla in his autobiography clearly tells us about it. In spite of all that was said, Morgan fulfilled all his obligations regarding him. "My project was retarded by laws of nature. The world was not prepared for it. It was too far ahead of time. But the same laws will prevail in the end and make it a triumphal success."

Tesla tested his transmitter at its full capacity on June 15, 1903. He began his experiment sharp at midnight. This night New York citizens witnessed the even, which was outstanding for future science. Glaringly bright strands of electrical plasma with the length of more then hundreds miles connected the spherical cupola of Wardenclyffe with the sky. The next day "New York Sun" wrote that people living near Tesla's laboratory at Long Island were interested very much in his experiments with wireless energy transmission. Last nights they were the witnesses of very strange phenomena, multicolored lightning made by Tesla himself, then inflammation of atmosphere layers at different altitudes and along the big territory. Night suddenly turned to day. Sometimes air was full of luminescence concentrated along the edges of human body, and all people radiated a mysterious shine. They seemed to be ghosts.

According to the initial Tesla's plan, five towers, the same as Wardenclyffe, should be built. The second tower should be constructed in Amsterdam, the third in China and the fourth and fifth should be built in the North and South Poles. However, this plan was postponed due to the reasons that should be investigated. Finally, if all this could be realized, then what would be achieved? The Earth would become a uniform homogeneous system, which could be controlled by telephone commands destined for starting of certain oscillators, which produce and transmit electromagnetic waves of various frequencies. The same electromagnetic system should be completed with a system for mechanical resonance with the Earth. These systems consisted of a tunnel passed under the laboratory and filled with water and oil, and hydraulic pumps served as oscillators. By synchronized actions, based on exact mathematical calculations both systems could start vibration simultaneously together with rarified stratosphere, ionosphere and atmosphere as well as with liquid and solid structures of our planet. 

Before conjecturing relating to all possible consequences of such event, we should give two more examples that are unusual. In his interview of July 17, 1930 given to "New York Sun" Tesla redoubled his enigma stating that people who live near Wardenclyffe and were frightened with his experiments could see much more...if during last two years they were more awake than asleep they could get acquainted with really incredible things. Sometimes, but not now, "I'll announce something, which you cannot find even in fairytales."

After unusual night, when he fired the sky above not only New York but also above all vast area of Atlantic Ocean during his experiment, Tesla suddenly left his laboratory without a clear reason and left all things untouched. As we know, he never crossed the threshold of Wardenclyffe, never visited it and never appeared on this territory. It was very strange, he didn't take any calculation, drawing or document, none paper. It was a turning point in his public scientific work. He was living for 40 years continuously working, but he patented his mechanical discoveries only and published only the articles in newspapers.

[b][b]Tesla's ether technology[/b][/b]

Tesla discovered and used the law, which concerned fundamental properties of Ether, and the law, which structure the initially infinite and homogeneous ether. Supposition made about continuity of ether as one of the main cosmic mediums means that imaginary "center" of Cosmos is everywhere, that law of structuring of such medium should have analogues with the law of location of points at geometric spheres. There is no information that Tesla formed and told his theory in such a way, but he left some systems working on the principles, which are unknown to modern physics. The question is about ether generator, i.e. electromagnetic ball, which has constant electrical potential in spite of energy leakage, then about a synchronous motor working on gravitational waves of the planets of Solar system (this motor turns on independently at the certain season and reacts on the corresponding arrangement of planets. It also independently turns off, when resonance interval of time ends). Besides, Tesla designed a metal disk, which could be hang on some height and has antigravitational properties, which do not depend on attractive force of the given place.

Parts of the structured ether can be resonant or not. In the first case a condensation of subatomic particles, such as electrons, protons, neutrons, takes place. These particles appear by means of resonance synthesis of photons, according to the same principles as during formation of photons as specific particles of ether. Asynchronous, non-resonant parts of ether form a space, in which resonating photons form matter. 

Tesla's Wardenclyffe Tower was a " Pythagorean" oscillator. Mathematical description of transmission of particular electromagnetic waves was identical with Pythagorean creative method. Signs used by Tesla in his equations have a single-meaning physical interpretation. Principles of Tesla's ether technologies belong to the level of cosmic existence, on which it is possible to control space and time. The principle of resonance and harmonic oscillation of ether seems to be so clear that all problems of modern physics, especially problems of energy conversion, will be solved with its development.

By means of his vacuum tube Tesla got protons, electrons and neutrons directly from physical continuum (ether) and reproduced them at any distance. Instead of giving a possibility to the bundle of protons to move free through space to some place, he created conditions for momentary appearance of arbitrary quantity of particles in the given place. Quantity of protons, neutrons and electrons was not limited by anything, difference in their quantity was stipulated by created shift in time.


Tesla - Ascension Apparatus


“On the path to planetary ascension”
Boris Petrovic,

“Graal” reflects a journey through culture, religion and science interacting as materializing symbols. It stands as a decryption of the horizon between physical and spritual existence towards final unity of physics and metaphysics. the seed of cosmic voyage and consciousness expansion of mankind. Depicted with inventions of NIKOLA TESLA, revealing the deepest secrets of the legacy of this extra-terrestrial spirit. It’s essence is in physical evidence of the harmony of existence, creation of the almighty.

Holy Grail as a placenta of all-expanding time-spiral and the birth in spirit of new mankind on planet Earth, an event written about in all world religions and scriptures from the beginning of words, as blood of the collective being, as the food of human spirit. It is a road, beginning with initiation of consciousness through travelling to a Black Hole, the neverending road to pre-beginning, the end of past and present. It’s task is collapse of 3-dimensional existence, opening the door to Heavenly Jerusalem, through the knowledge and use of blood-flow of the Solar system, magnetic fields of planets and the solar wind.
Phenomenon of Ascension, explained as contraction of space and time of microcosmos, made by the human hand with the guidance of higher agents, made through will of mankind towards opening the holographic memory of creation, using gravitational disturbances in Earth’s orbit, and for the glory of the timeless kingdom.

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