Ok now that I got your attention.
I am in the middle of Pre production for the next fx wars.
I need storyboard artists & concept art Illustrators.


Just reply to this thread.



I’m interessed in the Concept art part if it’s organic :slight_smile:


Save the hard liquor for the evening my friend. As for your question, is this for you personally or for everybody in the FX forum?

Let me translate that in case you’re still on the weeze: Fir yer quession, is thiss fir you person or e’body in the Ffffff foruhmm?


rofl JTD

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I’m sort of “out of the loop” on the FX Wars thing…is there a FAQ page?

I’m just curious what is the objective, time turn-around, etc.



We will be doing concept art and storyboards for the next challenge.

The turnaround is ONE week, but the artists will have a LOT of leeway.
The idea is to inspire people and give them ideas.

The reason for this is that the topic for the next challenge will require A LOT of composite work between live action and Visual effects, and the VFX guys will need guidance in the form of storyboards/concept art. the turnaround for the FIRST round of art will be ONE 7 day week.

Ps JTD Lay off the Nyquill


I’ll give it a shot. The concept, not the storyboarding. :slight_smile:


Hey Tek man!
You are greatly missed !

Ok for those still with me…

Here is the topic so you guys can see WHY it is so hard…

And lets keep it quiet between us guys…

The topic will be …

Drumrool please…
Superpowers (inviso text)



Roberto, good to see you still keeping this place alive. :slight_smile:

Certainly sounds like it could be fun. :slight_smile: What sort of bent, though? Like, straight up Image, Marvel, DC type stuff, or humorous piss-take sort of stuff? :stuck_out_tongue:


hey roberto :slight_smile:

i’m kinda interested in the concepting side, but i’ve never done anything like this before, nor do i know what FXwars is…sorry. what will it involve exactly?


FXWARS is our ongoing visual effect challenges.
Click here for some cool eye candy:

We have done 11 challenges so far.

Ok going back the the new challenge:

Well the participants will be able to do a fx sequence based on the following topics:
[li]Grudgematch (Super power fight)[/li][li]Rescue me[/li][li]Heist[/li][li]Super power Gags (Imagine a shot of a guy using his super power, like lifting a car, superpunch etc)[/li][/ul]NO COSTUMES (Good God no), we dont need another Star Wars kid >>LINK<<

and the superpowers would be:
[li]Flight[/li][li]Power Ring[/li][li]Super Strenght[/li][li]Super Speed[/li][li]Stretching[/li][li]Enegery Blast (extra points if you use Kirby dots)[/li][li]Electricity based power[/li][li]Magnetism[/li][li]Invulnerability[/li][li]Ice Powers[/li][/ul]The sequnces would be made with live action with visual effects.



Ah, kind of an x-men thing. Sounds interesting…I might just do something for it. I hope you do this next week so I will be done with my school work


Do you hook up with the FX artists or do you create your storyboard and they pick and choose? I’d like to expand into an ever present asset (not asshat) to this community but I’m afraid the one week timeframe is a little daunting.

And are the FX artists really so desperate that they’re raiding the DSF for talent? - Just kidding!:scream:


JTD Both
I want to do an anoouncement with some concept art already done, so teams can come in a pick one for inspiration.

Then the team WOULD BE required to turn in some concept art of their own on what the intend to do. At that moment, any of the participating artists can join one or more teams as lead illustrator/storyboard artist.



Roberto, given the no costume thing, would I be safe in assuming the concepting in this case would be sort of scene concepting, as opposed to character design sort of stuff?


Hi Roberto:
I’ve been doing freelance storyboards for about 8 years and I’m interested in storyboarding this project if you still need one. Current samples can be seen here


Click on Artwork and then Storyboards. I can draw in any style and match the look of anything thats already been designed. I’ll PM you with my email address. Thanks!


seansea of course you can come and play!

Nice site BTW…



Ditto! If nothng else, I’m a great cheerleader/encourager/motivator lol! But I would be interested to help out anyway I can. :slight_smile:



Well welcome to the fold…




LOL :smiley: