FXWars! SEVEN TOWERS: Pingking, Boreas


i’m in!

hope this time i will get some more time to finish, at least the main shot will be finished at the end.

i’m going for the mattepainting approach and choose for the begining the glacier tower.

i’m started to build a simple geometry to project on my mattepainting.

here you can see the test shot:


for the design of the tower i’ll try something more modern, like Minar-e-Pakistan .


cool shot. I do hope to see more.


had less time then expected but this weekend i did some minor work on the shot


the tower looks nice, but there’s something weird in the perspective. looks like the tower is seen from front whereas the background is in a slight hight angle.


Great job so far!
One thing I agree with manja the perspective looks a little wonky.

Hopefully this will help(excuse my awful painting skills :))

The yellow represents the top plane(or the flat part on the top of the tower. Because of the angle and the height of the photographer from the background plate, you should see the top of the tower. Currently its placed as if your looking up at the tower rather then down.

The lighting looks pretty accurate as well as the light -> dark values. I like how the texture starts browning towards the bottom. Its a nice touch!
Keep up the good work!


yep. what is weird is that you placed the cylinder correctly on the video.


so, got the sequence rendered and did a little work on the integration of the tower

still looking for a good foreground element and have some ideas to make the whole scene a little bit more exciting



did some volumetric clouds to cover the bad foreground and work on the integration of the towerbase



ahahah, i don’t think that’s the right link man, i see a choir there!


your right, corrected the link


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