I’m up for an animation! Love the theme!

My ambition is to mainly use animated vehicles , since characters are not my strength.

Software that I’m going to use:

3ds Max for modelling - photoshop for textures.
Vue for interesting environments
After effects for compositing

I’ve settled some parts of the storyboard in my head, but haven’t put it down on paper yet, here’s a w.i.p. modell of one of the major pieces of the animation:


Awesome! Good to see some new people joining in. I’m liking what you have so far. Good luck


Thanks karabo, really looking orward to see your stuff later on.

I’ve tried to put an little idea of one of the sequences I’d like to animate, I hope you uys don’t mind my lousy drawing skills.

Here’s also w.i.p. of one of the airplanes I’m working on, which is connected to the idea above.


Another update…

thi time I’m posting a sketch of an attack aircraft that’s involved in the sequence, first time i’ve ever tried to do a concept drawing:


The attack plane is comng along bit by bit, no soo much details so far…


That’s a nice start you have there.


Thanks again Karabo!!

Update on the attack aircraft w.i.p:

[And here’s video of it](http://holymanta.com/Attack_Plane_ Preview.f4v)



Update 3 on the attack aircraft, the landing gear have come together along with their respective hatch. I modified the concept a bit with an air intake att the front, and above the engine. I will soon go ahead and unwrap the main body.


Started texturing som of the paintjobs…this is the first time I’ve tried to do a serious unwrapping & texturing, we’ll see how it ends up. This is also my first time using a wacom tablet…it is such a delight to use :slight_smile:

Try to guess which sides this baby will be on: :stuck_out_tongue:


That is an awesome plane!
Great work!


Thats a sweet paint job good job.


Thanx! I’m quite a n00b at painting, and I still think that unwrapping is a nightmare…so it’s nice to here your comments.


Dude lovin the paint job keep it up ;0)



Today I tested a combination of vue-generated background + cameratrackexport with a 3ds max preview output:

Vue-max video Preview


Looks like a good test fella, was it quite easy to set up in Vue? How was the render time?


The background took a while, about 20 mins/frame at the end with the more cloud covered frames (my computer is far from a renderfarm). I feel that I don’t have enough control of airplane & clouds together, and with these rendertimes in mind I want to separate them into two different passes.

The setup was quite easy though, but animating the camera just as I want was a bit tricky.


What codec are you useing it wont let me view it.

I got it working…


The past weeks I really have let my computer work for the money, rendering different kinds of environments, so I have not just been sitting on my cute little tuchas.

Here’s a small update: Flak preview

I’ve been exporting camera info from vue to be able to have real 3D points to incorporate different elements in the shots, for example flak and airplanes like in this preview.

Edit: Just realized how incredibly high the volume was on that clip…lowered it A LOT and here it is again. Scared both my room mate and myself to death.


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