FXWars! QUEEN OF THE ROCKETMEN!: Mathias Varaste, Single Shot Entry


Hi everyone!
Very cool theme, I’m in!


Good luck with your entry.
Dont forget that if you wish to add more assets to your scene,
we have gathered a big collection of models for this challenge.

You can see them here:

Queen of the Rocketmen: THE MODEL LIBRARY


Thanks Robert for the offer, very nice models!
I guess I’d give it a try modeling a few meshes following a slightly different line, since I’m not going for an animation, there will be enough time, I hope!




Interesting ship. It has a nautical feel.


Thanks Terry, those are the bad guys, they!




Nice model. I take it that she’s the “Queen”?


Thanks Karabo!
Yes, I was hoping she would take the job, I could really need a queen for this proj,
though I think I will let the bad guys win this time around! :buttrock:


Here is one of the “Nads”, there will be two more of these!
Once I’ve finished all the base meshes I need for this scene, I will go in and start adding details, like more wrinkles, cloth thickness, buttons and such!


And another good looking addition.


Thanks Terry, glad you liked it!


The Nads, all three!
This is just the Mental ray output, without post, but I will change the colors to fit the final comp, trying to give it an older look!
Hope you like it!


very nice modeling :wink:

looking forward of your next update


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