FXWars! QUEEN OF THE ROCKETMEN!: Jeremy Kendall, Single Shot Entry


This will be my first challenge. I have been wanting to do one for some time. I’m going to focus on one shot however I might end up doing a full sequence. -Jeremy


Good luck and have fun Jeremy.


Good luck!


Hey Thanks a lot everyone. I have a few cool ideas I want to do. I’ll share them when I have some animation started. I started last night with a few ruff sketch ideas, Then started some early Fumefx tests for Cannon Fire from an airship ect. Just started some simple stuff that did not depend on camera or models. I got an pm with the passwords for some of the models today. So when I get out of work tonight I’m going to jump on blocking out the scene. Thanks to everyone who submitted models that we can use, it will save a ton of time for me at least. I will be using models from the artist (japetus and jojo1975) I will start posting videos very soon.


I do have a quick question… The more I think of this scene. It will for sure have more than one camera cut. What separates the single shot entry from the full shot entry? And is there a running time length requirement or anything for a full shot entry?


I’m trying to get my website back up and running untill then.

Its buffering slow at work for me not sure if its our network or not.

Still working on everything right now the speed of the planes and the camera are a way to fast. Just started working on the opening shot last night. a ton of more updates from Rnd will be uploaded soon. Sorry for the bad animation.


Updates-- http://www.jkendallfx.com/fxwars/previs_fxwars.mp4


Here is another update. http://www.jkendallfx.com/fxwars/previs_fxwars2.mp4

Only 1 day and two nights after work into the animation. Cameras are still a little jerky. Also thinking of making my own plane to use not sure if I will have the time or not. Still a lot of animation left plus then a lot of fx to get done. Not sure how much texturing will get done on the models that have been borrowed other then some metal shaders,glass. The Airship scares me on the amount of detail on it. Planning a minute to a minute and half run time with this. Crossing fingers. -Jeremy


http://www.jkendallfx.com/fxwars/previz_04.mp4 Updated previz.


Hey Jeremy this is coming together really nice mate, keep it going.



Hey thanks. I’m still working on the 1st pass on all the shots. Here are a few more shots that I was able to get blocked out. http://www.jkendallfx.com/fxwars/fxwars_previz5.mp4
Before I forget I have about 36 hours on this so far from prep time to blocking all this out.
Max,pflow so far.



Final First pass. Going to go back and rework a couple of the cameras and clean up some of the animation. I’m planning to have a ton of extra planes in the background probaly going to be particles so I dont have to have key them all. Then I will be going full force on the fx. In the end I’m looking to have a somewhat of a color pallet somewhat simalar to Sky Captian to help give it that 30s look. 44 hours todate.


Done for now Thanks to everyone who submitted models. http://www.jkendallfx.com/FXWARS/FX_WARS_JKENDALL.MP4

you can right click on the link and save target as.


Good job! I really liked what you did, I think your image compostion and angles where great, I wish I had your skills there. I also really really liked the rocket impact on the airship. Looking forward to you finishing this! 2 thumbs up from me! :slight_smile:


Let me know if its streaming chuggy to you. it was fine for me at home but at work in mozilla it chugs however if its loaded into media player its fine


It took too long to stream it, so I download it manually instead.

It ran nicely on my new computer, but a bit chuggy on my other older pentium 4 without graphic card…but that might be expected :slight_smile:


I lost track of time it took to finish. I worked on it as much as I could while still having a full time job.I can tell you I wasted a lot of time going back and forth over fluid sims. And wasted a weekend changing the render just to go back to the one I was first using. I used 3dsmax with final render,Fume,Afterburn and combustion to comp it and color grade and premiere for final compression. I think the the airship model was very very detailed. But not really set up for animation. Thus that’s why none of the guns fire. I think this challenge was a cool one but for people working by them selves could have used a bit longer to do. And at the end of the day I forgot to render out the dam glass reflections for the planes thus the black windows. This is the first rendered project I have done in 5 years so I’m happy how much work I did get done. Its been a challenge coming back to the dark side from real time game effects. hehe


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