I am going to throw myself in again. Hopefully if I keep taking part in these challenges it will give me the needed incentive to improve my skills.

Paramountcell: Midnight Grey.

My story revolves around an alternate reality in which, mankind in his stupidity has adopted an extra moon so as to help regulate the planets climate. This causes an increase in gravity causing space debree and meteors to crash into the earth on a regular basis. To help combat this threat, world governments recruited a Meteor response unit; we will call them The Paramount Cell. J Think of the typical Japanese anime sentai group (e.g. power rangers) the leader of this group is Midnight Grey, (they are all named after colours.) She is often referred to as the Queen of the Rocket men.

The rocket men (paramount cell) wear vortex suits. They are called vortex suits because they harness the power of miniature black holes, allowing them to displace light, gravity, and even mass (teleportation).

I am choosing to do my sequence as a battle against falling space debree before it hits earth, since I think that would make a cool video game.

I will try my best to finish, this challenge is more ambitious than my last one, so I fear that I do not have the skill to complete, but what I have learnt is that as I try, I learn new tricks.

I am in the process of changing computers. So my storyboards are all over the place at the moment. However, I was able to do a matte painting in Photoshop and Maya. I rendered it as a low resolution so Until I redo it, this can act as a piece of concept art. More to come shortly.


looks good man cant wait to see the final work


Thanks Toufik
Character Sketches



I like your sketches so far, you have a very interesting style.


Hey thanks man! Still in the process of falling into a comfertable workflow, my storyboards are pretty weird, they probably dont make sense to anybody else other than me, but whe I see them they trigger particular scenes.




Here are some renders of the buildings from the first scene, I want this to be futuristic, but I also want the buildings to have an art deco’ feel to them.


[B]This is the building that our heroine will launch from.

Playblast [/B]


Looking good, any idea on the lighting yet? Daytime or nighttime?


Hey thanks for the reply, if you look at the first image I posted you can see the type of lighting I am going for, It will be daytime but the massive moon in the earths atmosphere will block out most of the sunlight.


Nice architectural design, I can almost imagine that masive moon behind it, giving the scene such hugh atmosphere!
Good luck!


This is really looking good, keep going! :buttrock:


Cool. Did you reuse the suit design from Neo race?


Hi guys thanks for the replies. Aeres I reused the neck part of the suit. I kept the legs, however in the neorace i didnt actually end up using the legs :smiley:


The upper torso is now done, I am really slow when it comes to modelling there is still so much to learn. Now I must move onto the hands and redo the lower part of the body.


I have just rigged the model, and done a render test. A few more tweeks then I can get onto the animating stage.


Ok tomorrow I start on animating and texturing, not long left :blush:


A bit more detailed matte painting, I have three more to do. I realise there are so many imperfections, but I hope these will be hidden by the buildings I put infront.

C&C welcome on all above images.


Good stuff mate, liking the character!


Hey stevie thanks alot :smiley:

The second matte painting.