FXWars! Lighthouse & the Wave!: Yuval Kolton - Freeform


i hope its not too late to get in for this chalange,
i was start before 3 days to work on a scene for the chalange
i hope ill achieve the deadline… because this chalange require very powerfull machine
i hope i will succes doing the simulation
my machine is: intel dual core with 2GB ram windows XP 32bit and max9
good luck everyone…


as you see im kind of lazzy about posting wips
but i have to… so…
i added an animated gif of the technique i used to create the big wave
i will post next time the render passes of the animation
hope you enjoy it…
and Good luck for everyone


Amazing 3D Max work and real flow integration can’t wait to see the final composite. You have a great eye for effects my friend.


We have the same (or similar) computers, and same 3DS Max Pixelpro, but according to your great work (this, and previous work) I think you will get much, much better results. :slight_smile:

This is looking awesome, can’t wait to see it finished.


more wips and final renders updates. i will post the animation tomorrow with god hellp… :wink:

final render 01:

final render 02:

After-effect compositing 01:

After-effect compositing 02:

hope you’ll enjoy it…
and thanks for your comments


Wow your compositing is fantastic great work.


Hey Pixel… :slight_smile:

First off… I think your scene looks great… awesome…
Second… I think that you’ve loose too much color in you compositing. It looks pretty black-white with strong dark blue tint. Yes, that can give some pretty looking movie look, but it is also important that you keep some red and yellow color in your picture.
Anyway, as I said this before, I can’t wait to see this done. :slight_smile:
Throw us some really heavy wave crash on the lighthose… will ya? :slight_smile:


Oh man I just saw my mistake… I saw the first picture in your Gif file, and I was thinking that it was final… my bad… I saw now compositing, and it looks really awesome… forget about my previous critics about the blue tint.


finaly finishd…
thanks all for comments…


HQ Streaming OnVIMEO:

Or HQ Streaming OnYouTube:


just checekd your vemio page…you are just too good :slight_smile:


i watched your showreel… amazing stuff…
im also interesting in GPU simulation (phisx etc…)
i saw your beta test… very good stuff…
keep up the good work


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