FXWars! FLAMETHROWER! : Tyson Ibele, Freeform Entry


Gonna try to enter this one.

My idea is to do a short anim where a giant creature is burned during combat.

Made this guy today based on some concept art by peleng. Will post more updates soon…


Going with WW2 soldiers…less gadgets and stuff to worry about having them carry. Also I like the look of old WW2 flamethrowers.

Character is a modified version of the character I made for the Secret Agent cgtalk challenge a year ago. Clothes were modeled by Sirda. Already rigged…just needs textures. Hopefully finish that up and get to some animation tommorow…so much to do, so little time :smiley:


Our soldier is ready for battle…


Setting the stage for the attack…

Tank by Es3dStudios (from turbosquid), buildings modeled with my free Building Generator script (except for the two hollow buildings which were made manually), ground debris scattered with pflow.

2.2m polys…


Looks great T. Looking forward to it! :smiley:


What scale it is modeled? Do you model it at real scale? (like real size of building)


Nah, the scale doesn’t matter.


Environment is textured…also threw together a rough comp with some smoke and grading.

Unfortunately we’ll never see the city from this angle in the animation…the animation is going to take place much lower to the ground (eye-level). The blue box behind the brick wall in the center represents the size of a human in the scene.

Click this url for a higher res version, since it appears that cgtalk shrinks embedded images:



cool idea, awesome scene so far. Now I just hope your simulations will be comparable. :slight_smile: Looking forward to more.


Scene is prepped and ready for animation!



Wow Tyson, you sir are fast! Scene looks amazing I’m looking forward to the flamethrower.



Amazing work Tyson!
I got so many questions :slight_smile:
What will you be using for the fire sims?
What are you rendering with?
Are you rendering to passes for this video?
Compositing with?

The character looks awesome, as well as the environment.
You’re an inspiration!


For the main fire sim I’ll be using fumefx.

What are you rendering with?

Currently I’m rendering with a mix of scanline/MR/Vray. Vray for the main beauty pass, MR for the SSS on the creature and the character, and scanline for various other passes.

Are you rendering to passes for this video? Compositing with?

Yep, although not too many passes (for example, in the environment render above, I only had a beauty pass, an AO pass, and a shadow pass). The characters require a few more passes than the environment though.


Looking very cool Tyson, excited to see what you come up with.


I don’t know what story you are gonna put here.

But I would like to see some comedy with action. First “biggy” bug will try flames on “smally” soldier but soldier burns its mouth flame nozzle. “Smally” wins and happy and then “biggy” bug turns and fire the flames from its backside (e.g. like “fire beetle” bug?). and So “biggy” wins and soldier burns. hehe…


hey Tyson,looking forward to seeing this one…I’m a big fan of your animation work!


Here’s an example of how my animation progresses as I work on a shot. This is from shot 1 of the sequence.



you should consider the Hellboy 1 opening seq. I think the color pallet will go well with what your doing.


Just a thought :wink:


Nice update Tyson! That camera move adds a ton of action to the scene.
Is the next shot a reveal of the monster? I ask because it seems like the camera move is leading there.
Also, the expressions on the characters face really add a lot.

I noticed you aren’t using biped for the character rig. If you don’t mind me asking, why? I’ve always used biped for characters so I can export animations off the rig using the .bip export. Although, you could still export a point-cache animation to share across models.
Just wondering about your methods! Keep up the great work! :slight_smile:


Nice update tyson! looking forward to more :smiley: