FXWars! FLAMETHROWER : Toufik Mekbel , Freeform Entry


hello, ill post some wip soon …




i start modeling the tank and testing some flames in fumefx…

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amazing work as always.


Looks awesome so far :). Looking forward to an animation!



thanks gys ill post some previews soon



Nice tank, reminds me of red allert :slight_smile:


hello this is a small update … animating the tank and some particles …




Looks very nice so far! I love the tank and the particles look like a good dust & debris source, however a little bit of gravity would fit them very well I think even if the dust and debris later will have gravity applied they are probably moving a little bit too long straight in the air. Otherwise very cool.


it’s looking pretty good! :slight_smile:


looks pretty pretty good !!..

i like this flames, also is your first try… i can’t wait your final render :slight_smile:




Cool animation! I do agree about some gravity for the dust/debris particles.



thanks my freinds for your comments i will fix the gravity and post the progres next



cool!.. I am waiting your final Render.



Interesting, looking forward to the final render.


thanks my freinds for your encouragement



A find the Tank really show the ’ flame trower " look, i love the design and the flames …
good job toufik ,i hope you will win the challenge :wink:


hello thanks kratos here is a litel progress ill add more detales in the envirement next





the flames are not finished yet i as you see without light and shadows i hope u like it

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pretty cool! maybe you can speed it up :wink:


Good stuff toufik. I’d leave a little bit more space in between each flame emission to add a bit of anticipation to the shot for each time the tank fires. As in a slow out from a fire, then a snap and hold on the firing position just to add that bit of oomph to the tanks motions. Looking good!