FXWars! FLAMETHROWER !: Josh Johnson, Freeform Entry


Well I’m very pumped for the challenge. It will be my first. I plan to incorporate my flame thrower into some RED footage that I will have some co-workers shoot for me. I will do all my matchmoving which will include some object matchmoving in SynthEyes and use Cinema 4D to create my flame thrower. Finally, I will composite everything in After Effects.

Here is my first rough simulation test that I made in about two hours. I have a lot to tweak and a lot more reference video to watch :). I’m using the plugin Turblence FD .

Full Screen it to see the details.

Attached a ‘sliced’ view as well.



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You start quickly josh :slight_smile: But indeed you have still a lot of work to do. It does not yet look like a flamethrower Josh, more like a candle flame, motion-wise also as the scale is not yet right (use a bigger scale). You need more explosive behavior (hard to get right timing here) and definetly a different flame look. You definetly need a nice combustion which does the trick.

What kind of flamethrower are you trying to achieve?

Looking forward to what you can come up with.
Keep it up & good luck


Thanks Samir for the welcome and the very constructive critique! I will work on all areas you suggested.

The flame thrower I want to achieve will be similar to these two videos will a bit of stylization.


But yes I have a lot more work to do :).



A new simulation and render trying to take the advice of Samir (thanks). Also, just watching more reference video and getting more familiar with TFD.

Still have a ton of work to do.




So I completely re-did my flame thrower system. I’m using particles to drive it now. I think I’m on the right track now.

Here is a low res sim and SD resolution render.




New Test V.04




On v0.4 the flames are starting to look great.
Is it still Turbulence FD or Thinking Particles?


Thanks chrieon, yes I’m still using Turbulence FD and using a standard particle system driving the flames.



hi josh the flames are awesome


Thanks toufik! Haven’t had a chance to work on this lately. Hope to get some free time.



Sadly, three weeks have almost gone by before a new update. Work has been kicking my butt. Finally got some time yesterday to create a new simulation/render.




oh yeah, the same for me. Simply don´t find the time to work on my setup. :frowning:

Anyway, your new test looks much better. The flaming is very nice in this one and the scale is much better. The smoke is maybe a little too turbulent and doesn´t fit the scale anymore though. The front could be longer for the scale maybe too.

keep it up


Thanks very much Samir for the input. I agree about the smoke being to turbulent. I’m using fire to create the smoke so it’s using the flames turbulent settings (I think) so I may have to create the smoke in another pass.

Hope you get a chance to work on yours.



Small update playing with the smoke per Samir’s critques. Tried to make it more billowy and less turbulent using the same sim. I will probably end up making separate sims/renders for the smoke and fire and comp them together.




yes, the smoke is much better now. Maybe a little too dark? :wink:


Thanks Smair, yes to dark indeed :(.



Luckily I convinced my co-worker to shoot some footage for me on the RED. It’s not the initial idea I had but due to time constraints I have a new idea :). Here is a downrezzed preview grab.

Lots more work to do!



nice update josh maybe u need to light up the smoke with fire … good luck


Thanks Toufik! You are right that would help a ton but multi scattering of light isn’t supported yet in Turbulence FD but Jascha said its coming.