FXWars! FLAMETHROWER !: Alex Duque, Freeform entry, flamethrower sim


Hi Everyone… got excited last minute, i think the challenge ends on Monday.
i decided to have some fun this weekend and see what i could do :smiley:

not looking to win or anything… just have fun :smiley:

what i want to achieve is just the sim in Maya using 2011 since it has some cool fluids overhaul.

sooo. anyway…
i started on Friday like at 6 pm.
worked on a couple of solutions … but didn’t work… so went to the online help and found out you can plug nparticles to emit fluids… this seemed to be the right approach.

as of right now i can get the fire but not the smoke, or viceversa… i dunno why you can sahde fluids based on density and fuel. but not based on fuel and temperature… :frowning:
thinking about solutions right now…

I’ll post a wip in a bit

ps… i love all the entries… they look sweet!!!





after some tinkering i got a better flame as before… but it still needs a lot of work… here is a playblast and a test render video



im currently rendering another version. will post soon.


Looks really nice!



i still am working on the smoke… hard to get the mix.

I’m still waiting for the other render.
10 min per frame


i am going to try to add more to it. if not then i’ll make this my final delivery.

but we’ll find out tonight :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is an update. maybe the final… maybe not … :stuck_out_tongue:

And a video clip.

video clip


Nice buddy!


thanks M8



Nice result, alx…very realistic motion!


Ok you got a decent entry…

please do post it here:
FXWars Flame Thrower: Post your FINAL entry


glad you liked it… however i loved yours more than mine… your sim, animation and cutting is sweeeettt!


hehe… glad you liked it…
if i had more time i would have made a nicer render… but ohh well i post a final version on the gallery.


Just an FYI

 	 		 		  			 				 				 				 			 			 			 			 			[The next challenge will go live in ONE Week.](http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=139&t=915982) 			 		

I do hope you will join us.



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