FXWars! - "Close Encounters" - Justin Dixon - 3'rd Kind


I just wanted to let you guys know I’ll be doing this - or trying to with my schedual :slight_smile: Story line comming up as well as concept images (need to goto kinkos for scanning cause mine broke, DAMN IT!)


Alrighty, time for an update; this here is a shuttle that’ll be hovering over a commercial airport, it’ll then zip off and hover over the airfield’s loading area (the thing you look out onto when you’re waiting for your flight) and slowly decend and land in public view, a small alien will then teleport out (he’s about 5’ tall),look around curiously and walk about a bit, then walk to a captain that has come to greet/invenstigate him.

Now that that’s out of the way, I’d like to confirm that the saucer shape just doesnt fit this idea, and is quite outdated, thus I shall be going with a more streamlined “shuttle” type design which imho, is more appealing to the eye. I hope you enjoy, and shall this go well - you’ll all be to thank :slight_smile:


Hi everyone, I will be composing the score for this project.

A little about me: My name is Sebastien and I am 18 years of age. I have been playing piano for 13 years now and I have been composing on the computer for 6 years. I am well experienced at recreating a real sounding orchestra using computers.

The score will be similar to both Taken and Close Encounters of The Third Kind.


As asked, I am posting – I will be collecting footage for this entry. **

  • Ted


Alright, hey guys - I’ve decided to actually go a different route with this project, I’ve decided to go for a more classical approach. Basicly a large (300-500’) saucer encounter over Like AFB, Arizona USA (10mins away from me) For all to see. I can get live footage and composite, I’ll also be getting footage from where ted lives, so we’ll see how this baby turns out! Also have a composer working on the music - so lets hope this goes well! w00t


cough yawn smokes a cigarette more to come!

This here is the start of the bottom half of the craft, Mostly done with controlled subdivision (seems to get the effect I’m looking for quite well!) It is supposed to look organic, like most of the hull was constructed at once in one peice (nano-technology) I’ll finish up to bottom when I wake up and then get to the top (not going to be seen much, so dont expect alot there). I’ve set my poly-cap to 1,200,000 polys -not tris- so I’ve got alot of room to work with right now, only at 166k. Thanks and I look forward to your comments/critiques


like the modelling details of the bottom of the craft.:slight_smile:


Reminds me of Speilberg´s Taken saucers… what light scheme are you considering !?


Crap… thats the one I’m modeling… haha… O well… mines a tiny version


Hey bud, good to see you again! Yeah, well mine’s using it as inspiration, but it’s not exactly like it, but there are similarities, so you need not worry… too much :wink: That’s alright, I had a hellish time figuring out how to model it so I could control the meshsmooth, then it slapped me in the face cause I used a method like this one to make an Enterprise A secondary hull once - editable poly’s cut tool :-/


Bottom is done, the rest will be handled with mapping. Sending it off for mapping shortly.


Hey guys! Just wanted to give you a verbal update: The texturing of the craft is nearing completion. I am currently working on the Sabre (cold war era aircraft) and a Soviet Tank for the animation, updates soon, not quite ready to show either, but I assure you they are comming along! Anyone else got any suggestions or whatnot before I continue?


It all sounds great! I’m looking forward to the storyline!



love the design of your ship!

do you have any update?


Sorry man, not sure if I can finish this, my main PC just got fried. I’m working on purchasing a new one as we speak.


:argh:Wha?.. sorry to hear that, man! Did you manage to recover your stuff?


The disks from the HDD are fine, I’ve sent it to my father (one of the best electronics engineers in California), he’s going to get all of my files back. Shouldnt take more than a week, around the same time my new PC arrives.


Why dont you use this downtime to storyboard/plan ALL the shots down to the smallest detail.

That way you will not lose any time on the week your computer is on the shop.



Project still going on? Hope so, I can get back to it now :wink:



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