FXWARS Challenge: 42 - "Dumspter Fire"


CgTalk:FXWars! Dumspter Fire
Looking for pArtner or Teams?

Render an animation of a Dumspter Fire. It can be as simple or a complicated as you wish, but it must be a done as single continous shot.
The entry with the best FX will be selected by an open vote. The winner will get bragging rights and a small banner designed by me.

Friday February 27, 2016 12:00 PM

(You have ONE MONTH And a Half to do the challenge.)

You may do one of these types of entries:

Freeform Entry

The core requirement for this type of entry is to have fun.

Want to do a Cartoon Style Dumspter Fire? Go ahead.

Forensic Entry

The key part of this entry is a realistic simulation of a Dumspter Fire.


• No work taken DIRECTLY from an existing tutorial. You may use an existing tutorial only for reference.
• You may use a pre existing model(or use any of the models provived) , as long as you give credit to the creator. If you cant model, use simple shapes, since we are interested in the simulation. (But teams are encouraged, and if you are a modeler, you can make your model available)
• You may provide a heavily edited animation with all the trimmings (hell add live action if you want), as long a you provide another PLAIN animation of a side view of the working SIMULATION of the object .



The winner will get bragging rights and a small banner designed by me.


• The animation and simulations (if any) must have been done AFTER the topic has been announced.

• WIP are encouraged if they are posted in ANOTHER thread. Please provide a link to them on this thread.

• WIP thread should be posted on the FXWARS Forum forum and should follow

the following naming convention: FXWars! Dumspter Fire!: MY NAME, Entry,Movie Title(Note: Group entries are allowed)

• It is Recommended that Final movies should be rendered at 320 x 240 or 640 x 480 or Higher in QuickTime* format (Sorenson Compression), but other resolutions and formats are allowed. * (The animation format is open for discussion.)

• The animation should follow the following naming convention:

MYNAME_FXWARS(RESOLUTION).mov. And please add your name at the beginning and end of the animation, and if you can, also add a small non disruptive watermark during the animation.

• If for some reason, you can’t host movies, sequential images (Thumbnails size 160 x 120 ) are accepted.

• Please add a brief text description about your piece.

• The artist also has to post total length of time it took and program used.

• Collaborative pieces are accepted and encouraged, but Teams entries must have a identifying banner and a name. Shot lists should be included with the entry.

• Individuals participating in a team CAN have their own individual entries.

• Post on this thread your link to your WIP thread and your FINAL piece.

• You can add multiple entries, as long as they have different WIP threads.

• Freelancers CAN participate in more than ONE entry

• All Teams members & Freelancers will get screen credit for in the title cards for participation

• Only participants who follow the rules and submit a final entry will be eligible for the voting process.

• The moderators reserve the right to taken down any thread.

To check out a model, POST A WIP thread and then send me a PM.

If you wish to add your model to the library send me a PM.


Download Model
To checkout:

Send ME A PM to request the PASSWORD.