FXWARS Challenge: 39 - Avatar: Bending Arts


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First some background…
From Wikipedia:
Avatar: The Last Airbender (Avatar: The Legend of Aang in some parts of Europe) is an American animated television series that aired for three seasons on Nickelodeon from 2005 to 2008. The series was created and produced by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, who served as executive producers along with Aaron Ehasz. Avatar: The Last Airbender is set in an Asian-influenced world[1] wherein some are able to manipulate the classical elements by use of psychokinetic variants of Chinese martial arts known as “bending”.


Bending Arts:

Bending is the ability to manipulate an element, and as such, is very significant to all aspects of life in the World of Avatar. There are five known bending arts; four of them bend a specific physical element while the fifth bends the energy within the human body itself.[1] The four elemental bending arts are based on the four classical elements; water, earth, fire, and air, and each is manipulated through certain martial art styles which are reminiscent of the qualities of the element itself. Certain benders are able to effectively manipulate their element with minimum bodily movement, such as by using only their head. In even rarer cases, benders are able to perform their bending without the aid of any physical movement at all, by instead using sheer focus and force of will; a skill known as psychic bending. Each element is also associated with a particular nation in the world; the Water Tribe corresponds with waterbending, the Earth Kingdom with earthbending, the Fire Nation with firebending, and the Air Nomads with airbending.

This video will explain things further…


Render an animation of a Martial artist using one ofthe style of the Bending arts. It can be as simple or a complicated as you wish,animated or Liveaction but it must be a done as single continous shot.
The entry with the best FX will be selected by an open vote. The winner will get bragging rights and a small banner designed by me.

MondayDECEMBER 16, 2012 12:00 PM

(You have TWO MONTHS to do the challenge.)

You may do one of these types of entries:

Freeform Entry

The core requirement for this type of entry is to have fun.

Want to do a Cartoon Style Element Bending? Go ahead.

Forensic Entry

The key part of this entry is a realistic simulation of the supposed science behind the bending arts.


• No work taken DIRECTLY from an existing tutorial. You may use an existing tutorial only for reference.
• You may use a pre existing model(or use any of the models provived) , as long as you give credit to the creator. If you cant model, use simple shapes, since we are interested in the simulation. (But teams are encouraged, and if you are a modeler, you can make your model available)
• You may provide a heavily edited animation with all the trimmings (hell add live action if you want), as long a you provide another PLAIN animation of a side view of the working SIMULATION of the object .



The winner will get bragging rights and a small banner designed by me.


• The animation and simulations (if any) must have been done AFTER the topic has been announced.

• WIP are encouraged if they are posted in ANOTHER thread. Please provide a link to them on this thread.

• WIP thread should be posted on the FXWARS Forum forum and should follow

the following naming convention: FXWarsAvatar:Bending Arts!: MY NAME, Entry,Movie Title(Note: Group entries are allowed)

• It is Recommended that Final movies should be rendered at 320 x 240 or 640 x 480 or Higher in QuickTime* format (Sorenson Compression), but other resolutions and formats are allowed. * (The animation format is open for discussion.)

• The animation should follow the following naming convention:

MYNAME_FXWARS(RESOLUTION).mov. And please add your name at the beginning and end of the animation, and if you can, also add a small non disruptive watermark during the animation.

• If for some reason, you can’t host movies, sequential images (Thumbnails size 160 x 120 ) are accepted.

• Please add a brief text description about your piece.

• The artist also has to post total length of time it took and program used.

• Collaborative pieces are accepted and encouraged, but Teams entries must have a identifying banner and a name. Shot lists should be included with the entry.

• Individuals participating in a team CAN have their own individual entries.

• Post on this thread your link to your WIP thread and your FINAL piece.

• You can add multiple entries, as long as they have different WIP threads.

• Freelancers CAN participate in more than ONE entry

• All Teams members & Freelancers will get screen credit for in the title cards for participation

• Only participants who follow the rules and submit a final entry will be eligible for the voting process.

• The moderators reserve the right to taken down any thread.

Model Collection
The process to check them out is simple.
Post your WIP entry, the type of entry you wish to do and the
model you wish to use, post your model requests on this thread and
on the first page of your WIP thread.

(Model list So far…)

Bending Girl (Animation)
Julia Friedl model and James Ovnik for animation.
With thanks to Wirginia Romanowska for all her hard work getting this model and animation for us.

Note this model is NOT being released into the Public Domain.

It is ONLY being made available for this challenge, and the CREATORS model should get credit in the credits of the final animation.

FBX Format.



Guys Here is a clip of the model being provided for the challenge:
(Thanks Wirginia!)


Really wish I had time to participate in this one…dammit! Looking forward to see what everyone comes up with.


Man Roberto, I am really really tempted. You know my goal was to take my Toph model and animate it.
So much work! :smiley:


Wyatt, the

base model is animated alredy and saved as an FBX.

Wanna try it?



If I do join I’m going to animate Toph.
You know me, gotta do it the hard way. :smiley:


Hey guys!
I’m trying to find incentives to do small projects and actually finalize them, and this forum seems like a nice way to do so.

Never having been part of this before, the procedure of signing up to the challenge is just creating the WIP thread?


Post a WIP thread and send me a PM.

that is it.



So it has to be ONE shot? Will you get disqualified if you have more than one shot? (just curious)


How I wish I could have gotten in on this…I had a nifty idea…


How much time you need?


A week or two extra would be nice :blush: School is getting a little in the way


I would like to ask for an extension on the Deadline if I may!
Maybe a week or two?



Plus one for extension :slight_smile:




How about 2 more weeks?


2 weeks would be nice.
I’ll upload my first WIPs tonight :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s Awesome :smiley:


Yes! Thanks a lot!


So, what is the official date?
Need to know this.