FXWARS Challenge:38- Bonfire: WINNER!


Wirginia gets my vote.

(each one is cool in its own way)


Wirginia here too… congrats to all though, great stuff :smiley:


Wirginia’s overall simulation and presentation looks the best. Although the speed of the fire should be a lot faster. The current speed doesn’t go well with the scale of the bonfire. The embers are a nice touch and the the fire licks at the edges look pretty good. She does get my vote!

Fabio comes in at a close 2nd for me. His fire sim and renders look pretty good. If I have to nitpick it would be the thick smoke density at the top and the overall sim speed looks a little too fast and very even. Good work though!


My vote goes for Fabio Silva, nice work!


Ok guys,
you got 24 hour to vote.



While Wirginias fire looks the prettiest compositing wise, I feel that Hayden Stones fire scale and speed is kinda more accurate and thus my vote is for him, good job everyone!



Firstly gratz to everyone, I think all the entries were great :slight_smile:
It’s a tough choice between Wirginia and Fabio for me as both were really good.
I think I’m going to lean slightly towards Fabio for my vote.



Very nice entries, Fabio gets my vote


My vote goes to Fabio M. Silva.


My vote is for wirginia. Really nice


My vote goes to Wirginia. Good work by all, but Wirginias has more appeal.

God luck.


Great entries! But ultimately my vote goes to Wirginia.

Fabio’s entry was a close second, but the scale of the fire in relation to the ruins in the background confused me. Wirginia’s entry included unexpected subtleties that help push towards realism. It was obvious she did her homework.

Great job everyone.


Overall - Wirginia sim, sparks, lighting, nice shader too. Speed was a bit slow unless that was intended.

Fabio strong second great speed, nice fire :slight_smile: , not sure about the smoke, it distracts me, it seems to dissipate to fast for density.

Hayden more fire/speed/small turb, most pallets burn hot and fast, but still I like the fire shader and the lighting :slight_smile:

I should have had my act together this would have been fun, nice work everybody :slight_smile:


Guys I qam sorry for going offline, but we have been hit by a last minute project here at work.



XWARS Challenge:37 - KBoom!: Winner!
I am very impressed with the GREAT of entries we got.
and I hope you all will join us for our next mini challenge
Material Sciences

Ok we have one big winner:

Wirginia Romanowska final entry:



Description: Bonfire somewhere in old ruins…

For more details check my WIP thread:

Here are the results of the vote:
Wirginia 11 votes
Fabio 4 Votes
Hayden 1 Vote


I like challenges - I know maybe it’s easy for me to say it now - because effort I put in “Bonfire” entry paid off. But the reason why I decided to enter this time - despite being right in the middle of worse work overtime in my life - is that I felt challenged - after loosing previous challenge “KBoom”. That previous challenge was not to create best entry, but to learn and do R&D. So it’s not true that my final entry is always better than my previous final entry, but I can say that I learn more and I’m better at what I do in general, thanks to those challenges.

Congratulations to all who posted final entry. From what I have read, looks like I wasn’t only one having hard time at work now. Giving up other fun things you can do in summer and sleep - shows your passion for FX.

Thanks for all comments and votes - it’s hard to know if FX is good after looking at it for more than 15 minutes, and after few hours my view can be very biased :wink: - so having your opinion and advice is not only motivating, but essential.

I think it would be awesome to have a clone of Roberto full time focus on this forum :wink: but before cloning business will be legalised, let’s be grateful that he shares some of his time here and does great job for FX community.

I hope to see you all in next one :slight_smile:


well deserved :slight_smile: !

congrats Wirginia!


Congrats Wirginia :slight_smile:
Another great entry by you and as Fabio said, a deserved winner!!



Thanks guys!


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