FXWARS Challenge:38- Bonfire: WINNER!


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Best Visual Effects
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[li]Brendan Thompson[/li]Monichi Leonard
[li]Hayden Stone[/li]Fabio M. Silva
Patrick Noland
Wirginia Romanowska


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Brendan Thompson




Made with Maya fluids, Particular for the sparks, after effects for compositing and heat waves.

  • Monichi Leonard

    • Still image

    • WIP thread

    • Description:
      The fire was made in Maya suing Maya Fluids, to get some extra detail in there I used the SouP to double the fluid simulation. The process is quite simple:
      1. Set up the fluid simulation in Maya and tweak until you are kinda happy. dont worry too much about shading at this time, just get the simulation speed and turbulence right.
      2. Once this is done cache the fluid. I used a container resolution of around 90/90/60 at this point. I turned container auto-resize off since it gave me funny results in previous tests and the cache size was too big at certain frames causing my (crappy) comp to freeze.
      3. After caching I selected the fluid container and applied the SouP “UpRez fluid” tool I selected the new resulting fluid container and loaded the cache of the previously cached fluid. At this point you can turn the original Maya fluid off.
      4. Now tweak the “upRezFluid” attributes and turn “envelope” on to see the results. Don’t go overboard with the resolution settings unless you have an uber-awesome pc at your disposal. For this bonfire I just doubled the resolution.
      5. Now go into the “fluid” attributes and tweak the shading attributes, mostly incandescence and opacity.
      6. Now press render and hope for the best!

      The plants and grass was done quickly using Maya Paint Effects and   the environment and logs was done in ZBrush! I rendered in several   layers: background, environment, fire, sparks. Those layers were then   composited in After Effects
    • Animation Link

    • Download Link

    Was fun, and I learned a lot! If time permits I will join again!
    Cheers Leonard


-Hayden Stone

-WIP Thread

Made with 3ds max, FumeFX, Vray and After Effects.



Thanks for the challenge and good luck to everyone :slight_smile:


NAME: Fabio M. Silva

WIP THREAD: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=139&t=1117596

hey guys, heres my final entry :slight_smile:
hope you guys like it. IT was a lot of fun to me.

since i have to work even on weekends, i could only spare a couple of days during the last nights. So i guess from last saturday night until today. so 5 days for a couple of hours.

i ended up doing everything in cg(the sky was a photo i took sometime ago) . done in 3dsmax , using fumefx, and then composited in after effects.

ANIMATION LINK:http://www.terminuspugna.com/FXWARS/FABIOMSILVA_FXWARS(1280x533).mov

MIRROR: http://www.terminuspugna.com/FXWARS/FABIOMSILVA_FXWARS(1280x533).mp4

links in case you cant view it so you can download it

and youtube link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qv-7cd0Q1Qw&feature=youtu.be


Patrick Noland

wip: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=139&t=1115263

I went with a small scale bonfire in the style of a typical campfire simulation. I used a simple log asset that I modeled and shaded with Cinema4d. The fire and smoke simulation was created using the plugin TurbulenceFD. I did a little post work inside of After Effects but not much. This was a fun challenge to really let me dig into and learn TurbulenceFD.

Direct Download: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1582626/3d/fxwars/PatrickNoland_FXWARS(800x600).mov

Streaming: https://vimeo.com/71435604


Wirginia Romanowska final entry:



Description: Bonfire somewhere in old ruins…

For more details check my WIP thread:


Wirginia gets my vote.

The sparks look wonderful and I like that you added some small bits of burning stuff surrounding the main fire.

Everyone’s turned out really well.


Wirginia Romanowska for best visual effects.
Not only did the fire look good but you added great smoke and the embers sparking all over.


Don’t know if my vote counts being involved but Wirginia’s is fantastic. They all turned out great but over all Wirginia did some great work with the simulation. Great looking fire, smoke and embers.


Some awesome entries!

But Fabio get my vote.



Wirginia get my vote


My first vote in fxwars …

Some great entries in there …
my vote goes to Wirgina …
The fire, smoke, embers… and the speed of the simulations works prefect together …there’s a great realism in the shot.


Wirginia gets my vote.

(each one is cool in its own way)


Wirginia here too… congrats to all though, great stuff :smiley:


Wirginia’s overall simulation and presentation looks the best. Although the speed of the fire should be a lot faster. The current speed doesn’t go well with the scale of the bonfire. The embers are a nice touch and the the fire licks at the edges look pretty good. She does get my vote!

Fabio comes in at a close 2nd for me. His fire sim and renders look pretty good. If I have to nitpick it would be the thick smoke density at the top and the overall sim speed looks a little too fast and very even. Good work though!


My vote goes for Fabio Silva, nice work!


Ok guys,
you got 24 hour to vote.



While Wirginias fire looks the prettiest compositing wise, I feel that Hayden Stones fire scale and speed is kinda more accurate and thus my vote is for him, good job everyone!



Firstly gratz to everyone, I think all the entries were great :slight_smile:
It’s a tough choice between Wirginia and Fabio for me as both were really good.
I think I’m going to lean slightly towards Fabio for my vote.