FXWARS Challenge:36 -Seven Towers - VladPascanu


For this challenge i’m going to do a full cg shot of the volcano tower.
Below is the concept, c&c appreciated.


nice! i like the concept!


looking great man,looking towards seeing the production of it as well


Yeah, that really looks cool. You can do so much with that.


Yeah. I agree. Many simulations of fluid, fire and smoke. Thats can be really cool VFX scene… I have small problem with that in my entry - only particle-sand simulations;).
U can do much more. At the moment Your concept is nice. All the best man!


this is great stuff! nothing to crittic or comment, feels just right


This will be my main camera move:




Heads up

	 	 		 		 			 				 				 				 			 			 			 			 			[FXWars 7 Towers: One Month to GO.](http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=139&t=1078005) 			 		

I am looking forward seeing more of your entry.



very nice, and would also appear cool perhaps as a night or dusk scene … :twisted:


:bounce: I love it bro!


Update, best viewed in hd on vimeo.
Thank for all your comments! Volumetrics coming soon.


that’s very nice, but i’ve got trouble to see if that’s stones or snow/ice.


Final entry:



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