FXWars! Catapult! (Trebuchet) : Grayson


It’s 3:30 now I just started this at about midnight. I’ll write more about it tomarrow. I just can’t belive it works… :slight_smile:

I used 3ds max 6 native reactor. Total calc time for this sym is less then 20 secsonds.

V1 - http://www.graysonchalmers.com/img_drop/trebuchet/trebuchet_v01.avi (900k indeo)

V2 - View #1 1mb sorenson3
V2 - View #2 1mb sorenson3


wow , 20 seconds , that’s really amazing !!! I would love to see it , but the ideo codec is giving my player fits . Is there any way you could re-encode wwith Divx , or mpeg1 or xvid ? These are great codec’s and are the most popular one’s used nowadays . Or maybe Sorenson , which the mod suggests you will have to use to upload you final anim .

Thanks , and looking forward to seeing your treb !



Lookin’ good. Finally getting to work building my own hero treb now. Only had time for mini tests before. You need to up the damping value on your Weight rigid body, because it’s swinging too long and too crazily right now.


V2 - View #1 1mb sorenson3
V2 - View #2 1mb sorenson3

Got the motion working a little better. I sovled some of the crazy rope issues along with some joint friction whiched helped with the over all performance of the throw.

Now to add fire and smoke particles to the projectile.


Looks really cool, nice work with reactor, the rope is looking more realistic now, geat job :thumbsup:


Looking very cool, great job it rocks! :buttrock:


hehe looks cool man…
simple and effective :slight_smile:


cool simulation so far
are you using a dashpot for the throwing arm?


very cool but 1 problem 1 of your wheels doesnt rturn on the recoil… just thaught id point it out good luck wish i could enter but blender dont have a physics system…


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