FXWars! Catapult! (Trebuchet) : grau


I never posted here before but this challenge sounds like a good exercise.
This is what I got so far:

I used max6 + vray


Looks really good! Will be great to see it in action.


thanks, I’m starting the simulation part today

finished texturing:


Very impressive model and texturing. I’d be interested to see how you go with the dynamics in max. I find it a bit difficult.


nice work on the detail… how long have u been working on it?

are u gonna use reactor to simulate?


Setting up reactor isn’t that hard but the simulation isn’t very accurate (at least for things like walls), even with the maximum of 1000 substeps.

I’m done with the trebuchet dynamics but I don’t have webspace to post a video yet
anyway, here is an early image of the castle that gets hit




@alx - the trebuchet itself took me 4 days, the castle 3 days and the simulation about a week

I worked on the castle today:





nice work on the castle

and i like how it looks like it is simulated…

hope to see a video :slight_smile:


I don’t have more time to work on this so this will be the final animation.

       10.3mb - 320x240 - Sorensen3
  mirrror I:
   mirror II:
      -keys were only used for the switch and the camera
       -simulated with reactor2
       -rendered with vray (34h for 473 frames at 640x480)
       -the whole project took me about 2 weeks
       some preview shots


Thats awesome! I like your scene/terrain etc…nice! Grats on getting a good final render done. I’m still affraid I wont get that far. Great work!


Hi grau, i tried yesterday also to build a trebuchet and to simulate it in reactor2, but it doesn’t work, so i want to ask you if you could write a tutorial, so that i maybe can learn a lot from you concerning reactor simulation

you don’t have to, of cause, but it would be very very nice :bounce:

it dont have to be very detailed, only the ground idea and how you made it.

so please do it if you got enough time to do it.

greetz the Baer


i love the way your tower breaks man… cool stuff :smiley:


Mirror for the animation:

I’ll post the scene setup when I got more time


another mirror:


that´s awsome gongrat! good job! i have been trying to do a catapult simulation but i can´t get it to work. You should concider writhing a tutorial! that would be really SWEET!


Hi! Nice work :slight_smile:

I’ve been trying to make something like that. just a brickwall crushed by a sphere.

But, how do you get the wall to stand still untill it’s hit by another object? My wall just explodes before it is even being hit. :frowning:


heres a trick i use to destroy a wall without exploding before the projectile hits:
Key the magnitude of the applied gravity to 0 and the turn it up just befor your projectile hits.


How do you get the bricks not to fall through each other, i find this a common problem but yet to find a good solution. Thanks if you can provide one


im a 3dsmax newb…

just gimmie a few quick words on how you did the bricks/debris …i wont make you explain ill just look it up and learn :slight_smile:


sorry I didn’t check this thread rencently

set the bricks inactive in rigid body properties so they won’t move until something hits them

I had the same problem. Lower collision tollerance and increase substeps/key.

-well, build a wall
-leave some space between the bricks
-be sure to set everything up in scale
-find values for collision tollerance and substeps/key that work for you