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hello everyone,

Great job on all the trebuchets so far. There’s some really nice designs already. :thumbsup:

Here’s mine:



I’ve been having a great time wasting away my weekend working on it. I still have quite a few components to ad to my deisgn including a dynamic chain/pulley system to control everything. Hope to have more updates soon.

FX Wars rocks :buttrock:


Welcome to the club.
Looking really good there, but what are those round things on the end looking like something a person or animal could/should run in?


Thanks, and that is exactly what the round things are…sort of very large hamster wheels. Its the first part of the pulley system for reseting the trebuchet after its been fired. Hopefully I’ll have time this evening to finish up the rear half so it will be more aparent how it will work.


Hey everyone,

Okay I need to stop modeling/designing my trebuchet and get to the important stuff…the dynamics. But I’ve just been having too much fun with it.

This is what I’ve got:


Critiques, comments and/or suggestions definitely welcome.

And yes I’m using Maya if anyone is wondering.


Very good modell and It looks diffrent in a good way, but i hope for your sake that maya is better at dynamics than max because i have real problems when i have ropes around something. I cant wait to see it trow something.



Has anyone else been having poblems with the links to my trebuchet? I posted them from home and they seemed to work fine but I just tried them from school and they didn’t work right away. First they couldn’t be found, and then they were “locked”. But upon clicking on them a third time they started working. Hmmmmmm… maybe my web service was down momentarily.

Oh well, just don’t want to post dead links. If anyone has problems with them let me know. Thanks.


I had no problem with the links before, but right after I read your post I also got the “Locked” message.

It’s working fine again now. :shrug:

Your trebuchet is looking great! Although I get the feeling that the chains will limit the swing of the arm.

  • Rens


Thanks for the feedback Rens…it seems like its just junky web hosting. Might have to change to something better.

And yeah, you are right about the chains. We’ll see how it goes. Might have to tone them down a little if they impede the swing of the arm or make the whole thing seem unrealistic.


Okay, I thought it was about time I actually had an update. This was actually rendered out about a week ago and I have a whole lot more dynamics in the works. I’ve been working to improve the chain dynamics.


Quicktime -MPEG4 (4.4 megs)

Good job so far all you trebuchet designers.:buttrock:



cool design…
nice simulation…

the sling is a little ruberry , but it looks awesome!!!

dood im sooo in !!!


damn… thats cool… how on earth did u get the sling to work…
im stuck on that part


Oh you want me to give away my secrets do you?? :rolleyes: …hehehe

Okay fine…the secret is the sling in the video above is FAKED! The sling itself doesn’t actually affect the projectile, but instead it is driven by several rigid bodies that are hidden. The rigid bodies drive the projectile as well as control a skeletal system in which controls the shape of the sling that is skinned to it. Thats why the sling in the video looks rubbery because skeletal system wasn’t working properly and the joints flipped in on themselves. I’ve been trying to fix that and it looks better now.

Hope that helps you. Good luck with your trebuchet.

Here’s a new highres image just for fun:




AND MAN… TX FOR THE TIP :slight_smile:


I dont seem to be able to see any of your design or movies. all seems to be offline :frowning: why why??


Urrgghhh… dang junky web hosting. I’m going to have to figure something else out fof posting stuff.

Thanks dbluewolf for alerting me that my hosting is down again.


Here’s a couple images from above since my hosting is sub-par. Hopefully my attchments will work.


good job man… very nice… :thumbsup:
and thx for attaching it… cause ur site is down again :stuck_out_tongue:


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