FXWars! Catapult! (Trebuchet) : CoryC


I’m ready to throw in my hat here. I have been testing Lightwave 8’s dynamics to see if this was even possible. For the most part I can get everything working but Lightwave’s new dynamics are still pretty far behind and there is no way to top Derby’s entry. Here is the model so far. It is mostly completed.


Here is the Trebuchet in action for the fist time. The ball is going about 260 meters.

http://www.aldercreek.net/lw/visby1b.mov (658k)


Nice work, Corey! Go LW!!


That was tons better than what I was expecting! Nice work.


Man, now this is very nice! I like the dynamics alot, great peace of work!


Here is an update. I changed the sling and added some ropes. Just need to add the trigger and the model is set. Then off to build the target.

http://beta.usavgroup.com/cgtalk/visby2.mov (897k)


Adding some landscaping…


Wow this is really shaping up! Now tell me if I was dreaming it, but were you posting on a thread about this on the Newtek or Spinquad forums? I can’t for the life of me find the thread again, can you help?

Looking really amazing. I think i know where my vote is going already:)


Hi and thanks,

yea, I have posted some of this on Spinquad under the WIP folder.


awesome model coryc
best model i’ve seen actually:)
and love the medieval concept
thumbs up~


ok, here is my first full test of a ball hitting the tower. I didn’t set any collision with the top floor so that is why you see that crazy piece fly through the top. I also see I have an unwanted keyframe on one of the lights but the hit is what is important. I think I need to make the squares a bit smaller.

http://beta.usavgroup.com/cgtalk/tower1.mov (370k)


I like that Wall hit a lot, did you do it dynamically? or does part of the wall just dissapear and the debri is a particle effect and some animated bricks? either way, it looks like you’re on the right track and, its a good looking tower model! Keep it up!



It is all dynamic. That section of the tower is cut up and breaks on the collision. There is also a particle collision that goes off at the same time for more debris. Trying to do it all with polys just takes too long to calculate.


Cool, I was thinking of useing a particle collision as well…for smaller debris…dirt, dust etc. As you said , all polys is a pain…I learned that messing with my seige tower destruction.


Here is an update of the trebuchet.



Almost finished. Here is the latest.



Very, very nice! :bounce:

Only problem is with the camera movements, becuase it doesn’t linger on the catapult long enough to appreciate all the dynamics going on.

Excellent work!!


yea, I sould have mentioned that that video was to show the whole thing in one shot. I think the rules require a shot like that. I’m making another that will be cut and hopefully a bit more polished.


Great work!!

I like the way the ball break through the wall.:thumbsup:

Maybe you could try some different camera angles to see which one is best.


Thanks. I am working on that now, trying to get my final animation finished by tonight.