FXWars! Cartoon Cannon TRIBUTE - Nicholas McElmury


So I’de like to participate in this one, not entirely sure I’ll have enough time to get something I’m halfway proud of, but I will certainly give it a shot.


I have updated the file.
here is the latest:


Awesome, got it.


Alrighty, finally got a chance to take a bite out of this!

This is more or less what I’m aiming for. I’m going to have a hand come in from the left to light the fuse, which accidentally aims the cannon downwards.

So far using Max, TP, Rayfire and Hairfarm.

I’de like to get the flying chunks of grass to be a little softer looking, and add some more dirt debris.

Will top it off with FumeFX once I nail down the rigid bodies.



Here’s another update.
Still working on the FumeFX plus some other elements.



Good work. Some smoke for fuze and explosion could be good. Also a camera shake could work on this one too. Cannon animation is really good i think. Maybe can add a little backpush. Good luck .


Who needs more time?


Finished up last night, I didn’t have as much free time available as I would have liked to work on this, and would have liked to do a little more work on the FumeFX sims, but oh well :slight_smile:



Pretty cool ! The soundtrack is definitely a plus :wink:


Congratz![font=Verdana] Great job![/font]


Thanks for running this Roberto! Hopefully there’ll be a few more entries on the next one.