FXWars! Cartoon Cannon TRIBUTE - Jonas Borgman


So i’ll try to give this challenge a shot, starting out with at least starting a wip thread :slight_smile:


So after a bit of time, i got something together, it’s progressing way slower that i anticipated, because of work and trying to do these things in Houdini which i hadn’t explored to this extent yet.
But anyways, the first WIP is done.


Next step is to do the cannon itself, i'm thinking about doing a quick model so that i can deform it properly with the animations i have in mind.

Eventually i want to do some post simulation work on the letters as well, like basically remodelling per frame.
I used to do this in pMG Messiah, they had a pretty nice tool to do animated resculpting on pointcached geometry, but my license doesn’t seem to work with that anymore :confused:
After that it’s the particles and volumetric elements.
I hope to progress a bit faster :slight_smile:


Added the cannon, did some animation of the cannon itself, and some retiming of the letters.


Will try to add some particles tomorrow and see if the animations work.
Kind of feel i’m missing out on that toony punch in the animation, but i’ll see what happens tomorrow when i’ve got a fresh view on it.


Looking good. However the “punch” I think your missing, is that toon things are massivley exaggerated. Your cannon sucks up before firing, but imo no where near enough. It really needs to get fat before exploding the ammo.
Also there is no backpush from the shot. What I mean is the cannon reeling backwards to show that a large shot has been fired.

Overall things are looking good. Nice dispersion of the letters, which actually land in order to spell “BOOM”.

Good stuff!


Thanks for the feedback!
I was thinking about the same things you are mentioning.

Will try to do a second pass on all those things tomorrow, hopefully, would be weird to try to patch up a sub par simulation with particle fuzz.
Need a solid foundation :slight_smile:


Ha, I love it. Nice work with the soft bodies!
Yeah I think a little bit of punchy animation on that cannon would go a long ways.
Great progress!


Alright, so i upped the contrast in movement quite a bit.
I think this can work for the animation part of it.



It’s looking a lot better now.


Haha, genuinely laughed nice idea =)


FXWARS Cannon Fire …NEW dateline!


Thanks for the new deadline, might have time to finish it then :slight_smile:


Was missing half of the frames for the debris render, so it’s only the first 53 frames or so, but still, IT’S A RENDER!

Got stuck on how to create a shock wave offset for the grass strands animation in Houdini, and spent a couple of days (evenings) on that, so didn’t actually make a lot progress there, but i finally figured out how to solve it and got the grass out.

Need to make the debris shock wave faster, doesn’t seem to match up with the animation of the letters, and there are some render issues with it i need to fix.
I want to add some bigger chunks of ground being torn up as well, maybe behind the cannon so it looks as though it digs down into the ground.
And then of course some more particle effects and volumetrics.
Aim for the skies and all of that :confused:


Nice work, especially the letter animation. Cannon backpush is a little bit realistic i think and you can also add some rotation to cannon too.


Who needs more time?


FXWars! Cartoon Cannon: Post Your FINAL Entry