FXWars! Cartoon Cannon (FREEFORM) - Dex


Hello everyone!

I like to do fun stuff all the time, so, of course I’m joining this challenge! It’s the first challenge on CGSociety forums I ever participated, which means I might have some silly questions at the times.

To get myself started and give me that little push I opened this WIP thread which I plan to expand soon enough. First things first, I have a question regarding the Announcement thread:


September 3,2015

(After that You have ONE MONTH to do the challenge.)[/i]

By the looks of it I got an impression that challenge really starts on September 3, which means next Thursday? And after that, we have one month to do this challenge.
Basically I’m asking if my entry is becoming a sprint or an ‘easy’ marathon?

Thank you for all the answers!


I will expand the dateline one more month…
More details in a few hours.


FXWARS Cannon Fire …NEW dateline!


Who needs more time?


FXWars! Cartoon Cannon: Post Your FINAL Entry