FXWars! Cartoon Cannon FREEFORM - A. Boellinger


Hi everyone,

I’m joining the challenge and hope to make it through the end !
Will be back as soon as I have something to show…


Here is the first step, rough modeling and animation :



I added some smokes, I might rework them a bit later…



Who needs more time?


I skipped a few steps (detailed modeling and texturing, fluids upres…), but here is a partial and noisy draft render and comp.


I am still working on the splash effect (partially visible at the end). I’m having a hard time with the foam !


Hi !

Here is an almost finished version of my entry for the challenge. I am currently re-rendering it in HD with decent sampling values to get rid of this very flickery grain, but I don’t think I’ll be working anymore on it.


See you soon !


As promised, the final result :


 Made with Maya, 3DCoat and Guerilla render.


Haha, I like it man! Nice work!


FXWars! Cartoon Cannon: Post Your FINAL Entry