FXWars! CarCrash!: Chris Bischoff FANTASY


Playing around with some ideas and compositing tests (this is pretty much the 1st bit of compositing work i’ve done that doesnt fall under the ‘Just messing around category’).

The car is from a model CD, background photo is from DeviantArt (cant remeber the photographer).

As I said-just seeing how ‘real’ I can make something like this look, before I head right on into the full on shiz!

For the final entry, I’m looking at something with a motor bike and a car…mainly cos I wanna use some funky ragdoll type physics.


More mucking about…


I’m still trying to figure out how I can make something in extreme slow motion using a normal hand held video camera.
I definately want to have live action and CG in this piece…
Back to the drawing board!!!


More lighting tests.

The bike model was a free download from 3D Cafe, which I retextured, and added some detail that can break apart on impact.

Car is from a model CD with my own shaders, and some additional modeling. I’ve downloaded an engine model, and am busy doing the interior and engine, and all the rest of the inside ‘stuff’.


sounds like ur one is gonna be very interested.
all stuff is looking nice.BTW , where is the Bike rider?:slight_smile:


My suggestion for the handheld slowmo is the obvious one, record it at real speed, slow it down in post, then re-export the avi as a new source.


The bike rider is on my ‘to model’ list. :wink: Because he will essentiall be a digital double, I’m not quite certain of the amount of detail to add to him. But we shall see!

For the slow mo, I was actually thinking of doing the complete opposite. :wink: For the moving camera shots, actually do the filming in slow motion…as in just walk REALLY slowly with the camera…perhaps even slower than I would have it in the final…and then adjust the speed to suit my needs. I think that with DOF and some fake motion blur, it should work out. Adding stuff like cars driving the in background, and slowing them down to match the ‘slow motion’ footage should also add to the feeling…

I’ll try to do some tests either today or tomorrow.


I think that if you walk in slow motion and then speed it up it’s going to look off, since you’re going to be over tensing up your muscles as you walk, and it might look a bit robotic, give it a shot though


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