FXWars! Bonfire; Wirginia Romanowska


This challenge sounds like fun. Although I’m working now crazy hours at work I will see what I can do here.

Here is 1st test render. Not much there yet, but I have to start with something :wink:


All feedback welcome :slight_smile:


I did some work on embers:


way to up the ante.


The speed of fire looks like х2-3 slow then in reality and motion not correct (it’s noticeably at the sides - too much turbulence?).


Ok guys, the plug goes live on Monday.
Until then I am not looking.

Please do post your final entry here:
FXWARS Challenge:38- Bonfire: Post Your FINAL ENTRY


That’s great, thanks Roberto for extending the FXWar over the weekend.

I’m sorry I didn’t have much time to post updates, but it seems it’s miracle I got any time to finish this when working crazy overtime during week and weekends.

Here is my final entry:




And here are some bullet points about how it was done:

  1. Environment model in background - very old story - I did it few years ago for project which never was finished.
  2. Branches for bonfire - maya paintFX.
  3. Fire - two FumeFX grids (one for big fire one for smaller flames around it).
  4. Embers pFlow particles with fumeFX birth and FumeFX follow, rendered in Krakatoa with camera motion blur.
  5. I have rendered everything separately in passes:
    -environment with different lighting (orange lights, blue lights etc.),
    -each fumeFX grid,
  • bonfire center ash and branches emissivity
  1. Composited in AE.

Excluding time used for simulation in rendering it took me about 2 - 3 days.


Excellent work - cool layout and flow.




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