FXWars #36 - Seven Towers - frescalus (Neil)


Eudora Tower
Rain forest is what I am going to do

I will use Maya 2013, Houdini 12 and Realflow 2012

Some compositing may be involved with live background plate

Hopefully I can complete this as I am enrolled in the CG Workshops for Houdini as well but this is also to work on my ability to handle multiple projects at once

Updates to follow


Does anyone have any of the towers downloaded?
I can’t seem to download any of them.
Roberto, did you get my PM?


No, I’m also still waiting for tower model


well some of us got them, so i guess that roberto is replacing them with the new models.


I am,
I am sorry for the delay in the update, but we got slammed at work with a last minute project.

I will try to update later tonight.



Updated files:






I think its fair to say that I won’t be completing this
2 projects + the workshop got me overworked my apologies


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