FX WARS: The next challenge will be...


Lets talk guys. Post your ideas.
Car chase or Car Crash is a possibility,


Well an idea could be “element bending” like in the cartoon show. (the last air bender)
…just a thought.


one idea is a dark apocalyptic future where cars and trucks must duel to survive in the harsh wastelands - with gas as the new gold. no law.

 think spy hunter fights with all the good gear: flamethrowers, machine guns, oil slicks, spike traps, sprays, smoke screen, lasers...


Well I have an idea for out next challenge…

How about…
Play with the FXWARS GEAR cup. after all it is the 10 year anniversary of FXWARS…



I’d give a car crash a shot!


Car crash inside the gear cup! Or call the crash Gear Cup 2014… just throwing things around :slight_smile:


We will do the cup, but first…

3 Day Cinematic Challenge!


I’d try my hand at that doing VFX