FX Wars! Moonshot! Roux (Hard Science)


Well, here goes nothing. I am doing mine based on the failed apollo mission 13. Except I plan to do it without the failure that occured. The mission will show what would have happened according to plan.

Here is the start of my modelling for the interior of the CM (Command Module).


heres another small update:)


wow… if you put this much detail into a small part of the ship… this is gonna rock…
good luck with it :slight_smile:


And A quick render. No textures yet.

I am thinking fairly detailed on the interior, even though it will only be a small part of the animation…

The exteriors will be fairly high in detail too but not down to the rivets like this:twisted:

Comments appreciated as always.


Looking good Roux. The only advice i have is to spread your efforts based on the amount on time than the object will be on cam. You don’t want to spend too much time modelling an object that will apear for just a second.
My grain of salt :slight_smile:


I can’t wait to see the finished product. With the level of detail you are playing with it should be something really spectacular.:thumbsup:


shivmoo: Thanks, let’s hope work doesn’t get in the way this time:scream:

MandelbrotJr: Thanks. Those were my initial thoughts but what I’m thinking of will involve this section up close and personal so a straight texture map won’t cut it:twisted:
I also hope to use this one for something more when I’m done.

Roshin: Shut up and get back to modelling:D

Anyways, enough chat…back to it. More posts soon.


Hi all.

Haven’t disappeared yet, just busy doing some tests with smoke. I think I have nearly conquered lightwave hypervoxels:) . All the moke I have seen so far looks good by looking at the refs and photos etc, the light given off by the rockets is so great that the smoke is always illuminated from the center.

So tweek and test tweek and test. Here’s what I have so far.

Ignore the models and poor composite. I will be replacing the entire scene with 3D except for the sky matte. Things I want to fix with the smoke : reduce the speed of the turbulence effect and extend the life of the smoke so it doesn’t die out before the end of the shot. I also need to slow down those few particles that are traveling too fast and causing those flashes.



The competition is amazing as usual but I’m sticking with this one.


that smoke is awesome… looks a bit uniform tho… as in all going the same way—

and your right about it needing to last longer…
nice sounds :thumbsup:

its going well


Sorry Massa, just don’t beat me with the whip no more Massa… Looks great BTW!


I haven’t died (as far as I know anyways.) Still working on models, getting the effects to look right, modelling and of course texturing.

Here is a small preview of shot 2 (sorry about the green screen but I think you can guess what goes behind it:) ) Only the 1st stage is almost complete in this model.


Some small updates. Still working on the launchpad and more detailed modelling.

have also started animating ready for final model replacements. tick tick tick…

Here is stage one with preliminary textures - still some more detail to add

will post more soon.


forgot to post my earth shots :smiley:


No comments at all?:eek:
Oh well, I’ll keep plugging away at it then…


I have been working on improving the smoke / steam from the launch. Here’s where I’m at so far. The flames will be a separate pass and don’t appera in these shots.

The modelling is still going - the launch pad and tower are all mesh. Still have to complete the crane and the swing arms on the LUT.

Also trying to find some more ref for the command module at launch. It seems to be covered in some protective packing ?

Comments / suggestions anyone :shrug:


That’s looking very good. However, you need to have the steam have less noise. It looks too busy. Needs to be slightly more blobby.

But other than that, fantastic job.


Thanks PixelMagic. I agree with you totally. I am not having a great deal of success though.:sad:

I think my limited skills with hv’s and the inherent shortcomings of Lightwave hyper-voxels (volumetrics) are going to limit how far I can go with this.
Any lightwave HV gurus out there willing to lend a hand?


Oh forgot to mention, the launchpad and tower were based on a mesh from IvortheEngine from LWG. They actually represent the modern shuttle pad> I am using them as partial reference and gradually replacing them with my own mesh. The Tower is all mine and the pad is about 60%complete. I will post wires for comparison when done.


Hey buddy. Love the work so far. I would try and ramp down the luminosity a little on the earth shots and try and remove some of the gloss, other than that looks good. I like the colour tones. Love the smoke and steam, did you manage to ramp up the particle life for the animation? I am really looking forward to seeing the whole launch sequence.:thumbsup:


Thanks dude.

I see what you mean with the earth shots. Just prelim renders for the moment anyways. Easy to change.
I hope you’re busy modelling and not just crusing the net :wink: