Futuristic Gunship


here’s a recent portfolio piece I did, modelled in Max and composited in Photoshop.
I’d be interested to hear any thoughts or feedback on it. Cheers.


It’s a great work but there are several things that look strange to me: the blades don’t seem to spin in an horizontal plane, the looks like they are defining a cone (sorry, terribly explained).
I think everything is tilt in the same direction (the horizon, the gunship,…). Even if the whole image is tilted to make it more dynamic, maybe some other arrangement can be found.
I think the shadows so difuse would work better with a cloudy day. I miss bigger contrast

I like the trail the ship is leaving on the water and the details are very well done.

thanks for sharing,



Hi Jorge,
I’m glad you liked it. Regarding the blades - they do angle downwards a bit, though when I applied motion blur to them this looks a bit confusing perhaps. Also I can see your point about everything tilting in the same direction, from a composition point of view yes I guess it could be more interesting if I’d varied it a bit.
Thanks for the feedback


It’s a nice work. I think it could need some more dynamics, perhaps also a few elements more in the background. Is there any background story related to the picture?


Hi, thanks for the comments.
There’s no real backstory, I didn’t add any back elements as I wanted the focus to be purely on the Helicopter, also it was mainly a technical exercise. I based it on a tutorial Jeremy Cook did on Gnommon, which was very helpful.


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