Futuristic Grumpy Buggy Driver


A while back I was thinking of entering the Syd Mead so I started working on a futuristic buggy. Well the deadline came and went and I didn’t finish it in time, actually only a part was finished. Anyway still worked on it afterward but needed a brake of all that hard-surface stuff so I started modelling the driver of the buggy. And instead of posting the “finished” work I thought I post some inbetweens here it goes:
tested: fur rendering with skinshader (no reflection yet)
the jacket is decimated mesh from zbrush still have to remoddel
hope you like!


Looks good so far, have you got a link to a higher resolution image.


I like what you got so far, the face texture and fur is looking very good. The jacket i think needs to be less symmetrical. Look forward to see him sitting behind a rusted buggy with his weapon of choice. Keep it up!

Usually you can right click on the image and click “show picture”


thx for the comments!
@Blasterz the jacket is just a zbrush sketch sculpted with symetry on. I am remoddeling it at the moment the main idea was to create assymetry trought all the gadgets he as on and also by posing him. Here is a maya wip model still a lot of sym thought


been working further on the jacket, combined with the arms some attributes definitely have some scaling issues. The shading is just to keep different materials apart.



Wow, the skin and stubbly hair looks perfect…and that jacket looks amazingly real and detailed. Great work! The only thing that bothers me is the proportions of the man’s chest. Even for a skinny guy, I think that the width of his shoulders need to be wider.


thx for the comment stuh505. You’re right I started this one from an cartoony figure I did a while a go and wasn’t sure about the proportions. Still not sure about the proportions…
Here is an update with the arms and the head rigged. I tested with a Japanese tattoo from the web which will be replaced with one of myself and on both arms and chest.
His left foot is a prothese "cause he lost his leg a few years a go. Not sure if I am gone give him to protheses yet. Will know more when this one is finished.
For the jacket it will be more like the previous renders.
hope you like!


Is been so long since my last update his hair grew!


Here is an update: decide to lose a lot of the bag he was carring around his waste. I think I am gone go for more of a macanic kind a guy. Still need to texture a few things.


Damn that is very nice, so much attention to detail!


This is reeeeeaaally awesome work.
It would be most educating to see some wires.


Really nice work. But even if he is an old guy the proportions, as said before, are a little bit off in my opinion. Beside that I thinked over the title of this WIP: Buggy driver. Therefore I asked myself are this clothes really comfortable to drive with? Especially I was a bit irritated about the vest. A hard surface at the back and a soft fabric style in the front. I am not sure it is that good for a driver, althoug it is a great idea anyway! Hair needs some tweaking too… seems to be to thick for my liking. Sure this guy has made a lot of experience in his life, but don´t try to put every clichee in this character. You have tatoos, a bunch of sci-fi things on his suit, an artifical leg and so on. Sometimes less is more. Too much for me.

Anyway, promising work, keep it up!




That rocks!


Dayuuuum! That is an amazing work.


ThxB-Dizl, KoRo, Traxx.org, mister3d, SoulArcanium!
@Koro added some wireframes once done I’ll render out a turntable with wires.
@Traxx-org thats a real thorough comment:).
_The proportion part is indeed still a bit/lot off. I compared him with a default male in my scene and came to the conclusion that his crouch is way to low about 20 cm I think. His head is a bit on the big side. I first gone raise the crouch area and hope he’ll be less wierd.
_Well the main idea of the vest was that the hard surface on the back would “click-on” the seat. That way he would really be pinned down.
_The hair needs some tweaking allthought I like the thickness it doesn’t work for the eyebrows and on a 4k render its’clear some of them are off the surface.
_About the tattoo I was gone replace it with some of my own drawn but of all the cliches this is perhaps the one I wont miss as it allmost has no added value.

Still some work to do and I haven’t even decided to add a background or not…


Besides the crits of earlier on character detail, it’s a really cool model you have. The intricate detail for the vest and boots are killing me. I myself am trying to learn more about producing more hard surface in Zbrush/Maya, and so seeing the wire in detail, I thank you! it’s a real learning experience…


So I have a question…

How would you go about animating a character with so much objects and layers of clothes without each of them intersecting with each other?

Great model I especially like the vest… The head has a little weird topology but who cares it looks good :slight_smile:


here a quick update: the metal stuff is way to shiny for the moment and his back hand are to flat they need some veins

Thx for the comments!
@KoRo well I don’t know if it’s clear from the uploads but my process with this was:

1st sketching in Zbrush because it’s very fast to create concepts
2nd decimate high rez and send it to Maya
3rd In Maya rebuild in different pieces
4th Send those pieces back to Zbrush for Uv’ing sculpting and texturing
5th Back to Maya to render in Mental Ray

I’am not sure if this is the best way but it worked well for this one. It highly depends on your final goal I guess…

@Comar93 Well I am no rigger nor an Animator so I usally don’t have those problems :). But if I would be looking for animating this charcter I would probably try to rig and skin the main vest so it would follow the body nicely. And all the other stuff I would try to contrain to that rigged vest with DjRivet tool or something similar. I would also try to be able to animate it separitly just in case they interpenetrate…


Thanks for the reply… I’m always intrigued when I see such a complex character that is animated with all the accessories and gear hanging and responding to movement in a realistic way it’s just brutal but I never understood how do you make that work… I guess constraints have a lot to do with it…


Did you think of the gear by yourself or did someone else make a concept? The vest and boots? Do you have any place with good references of stuff like that, sci fi, vests, gear?
I’m currently making a character myself and now I’m at the phase of giving him some clothes/gear so I’m wondering since yours is so cool…



First concept for a possible background off course sci fi tinted. Allmoost done with the model of the character itself. Still a lot of stuff to be textured. Final posing.

@Comar93 Yeah I designed it myself. usually concepting in Zbrush or sketching while I am on the train also I often do some overpaints in Photoshop a bit like this one above. For reference there are a lot of galleries and google’s allways a help.