Futurescape, Stefan Morrell (3D)


Title: Futurescape
Name: Stefan Morrell
Country: New Zealand
Software: 3ds max, finalRender, Photoshop

The futuristic cityscape is always fun to work on.
this was rendered as several passes using finalrender and a couple days of texturing in photoshop,the scene was so heavy some elements had to broken up for seperate layer renders



hi man, very good, fantastic work!
5 stars *****


Good Christ! Thats amazing work. Front Page for sure man. Textures and details are amazing.


great work:bounce:


WOW:thumbsup: amazing work! awesome texturing and details.

5 stars *****


Great detail and texturing.

Hamed katebi


Stefan strikes again :slight_smile: 4+* :thumbsup:


it’s always a pleasure to view your work, there’s so much to discover.

another great one for sure. :thumbsup:


wow ! your faaaaaast! great work love it :bounce:


the amount of detail is just mindblowing, great composition
I love it.


Amazing work, i like this a lot more than your previous snowy one.
I’m not sure I get this though; did you paint on top of your clay renders, or took the regular approach creating every texture before the render ?
If you took the matter approach; how do you handle creating textures for a scene like this ? Lots of small, quick ones in which you don’t put too much work, lots of photo’s or they get full detail treatment ? I’m wondering because the thing that puts me off of attempting a huge scene like this myself is I’d be spending half a year painting textures with my current methods.


The futuristic cityscape is always fun to work on.

And it’s fun to explore those images. :slight_smile: So many exciting things and tiny details. Thanks for sharing!


good job man ,I like your render skill…your environment sense is so great.I like a sea in your piece that is so reality.
Did you have use a camera mapping ?


That’s incredible - awesome work! I always love looking at your stuff - can’t wait to see more :wink:


just a couple of days in texturing? it’s an amazing piece, dude.


WOW, awesome work dude. lighting and rendering is fantastic. 5 stars from me.


Super work man
u’ve really worked so hard…

I hope u success


Excellent work!!


thats ammazing…

can we see a wireframe, plssssssss


great feeling of the futurescape 5*s