Future Station, neil maccormack (3D)


I agree with everyone else: nice composition, lighting, atmosphere, and good sense of size. I like the way the perspective, and station design leads the eye right towards the sun. Great job.


Basically, all that I can say has been already said before. The lighting, textures and colors, everything looks great. Fantastic scene.


superb work!! good job. i really like the mood of the scene:thumbsup::thumbsup:


allways nice to see the power of lw shocased with souch beautyfull images!
cool work!


First off, brilliant design, I love the ship, looks awesome. Design of the dock is also good. The lighting looks great too. Good atmosphere.

Some crits, if I may.

I think there is a bit too much repitition in the scene. The dock could certainly be broken up a bit. It would be worth modeling some different buildings and things. I know it’s a lot of effort to build all these different things and easier to just clone them but it’s worth it.

The repeated textures aren’t that obvious but are noticable. Change them around a bit.

I think the composition would be stronger without the two ships in the background and maybe even without the other ship in dock. Again it’s got to do with the repitition and the fact that they weaken the centre of interest.

To be honest, if I hadn’t looked at the full size image, I probably wouldn’t have noticed any of these problems. At ‘forum size’ it looks great.


Oh man!! Incredible image!!
Fantastic atmosphere and textures!!


Really good! I liked a lot! :thumbsup:


You made my day with this beautiful piece of CG art :slight_smile:


Thanks, beautiful!


You don’t see many projects done in LightWave these days, but it’s images like this that really show it’s potential.
Congrats on a job well done!:thumbsup:


love it, like the shot and feels like it has a story behind it…


This looks totally wicked dude! Modelling is very slick and it comes together nicely!

Only thing that bugs me for some reason, is that the light hitting the deck from the sun is almost exactly perpendicular. Probably would happen in real life from a “straight-on” camera shot, but (to me) it just feels slightly “CG’ed”. :wink:

Other than that, frikken ace!:thumbsup:


It is indeed a very nice image!
But it is also a big shame you used the same texture on all the floors :slight_smile:

Cobra 6


Oh My!! 5*s here! Fantastic!


This is a great image overall. Congratulations.

I just a small crit that hasn’t been mentioned. Some of the holes in the beams at the top of docks 13 and 14 didn’t get masked out and are showing the blue sky instead of the clouds you added as your background.

Also, this may just be me, but the picture seams to lose focus very quickly after dock 8. It just seams like the loss of focus should be more gradual than it is.

I also just noticed – when I was counting down from dock 10 to see where the focus shifted – docks 9 and 8 aren’t numbered that way. you can make out that they’re still double-digit numbers, I’m assuming they’re 11 and 10 repeated.

Sorry to be so nit-picky. I really do like the image.


you done a SUPERB JOB


great details
i like it a lot


I love the subtile sunrays in the background. The texturing and modelling are superb! Keep up the good work


love it so great work


WoW 5star!!!