Future Station, neil maccormack (3D)


Title: Future Station
Name: neil maccormack
Country: Switzerland
Software: Lightwave 3D, Photoshop

this is a concept for a future station.
Modeled and textured and rendered in Lightwave then post processed in Photoshop.



brilliant … nice future station …it took me to like the year 2050
keep it up


Looks great! I really like the scale of the image. The station feels big.


holy moly. stunning.


Amazing! Love the look of this!


The modeling and the shading are great and the colors are simply beautiful.
really cool job. gratz!


Looking good! I like the feel of this scene. Would be nice if you play with specular quality of those panels so you can break reflections quite nicely. I think also you can add more life to your scene introducing some tugs, workers, ship crews, flowing steam and smoke etc. Anyway keep up the good work!


beautiful color & lighting Neil,the layout in this one reminds me of your ‘Bay11’ image

great work!:thumbsup:


pretty work
i like the idea very much
especially the conception in the work is amazing
with my best greets


Composition, textures lighting - all are excellent! Just a fantastic sf picture :slight_smile: Well done!


This captures the atmosphere very well indeed. It is remarkably similar to being on the deck of a large cruising ship, and that helps a lot in getting the feel out of the image.

I have a minor chrit, tho. It would do a lot if you would alter the texture on the floors of those “piers”. The front one has some stuff that looks like oilstains or something alike. It looks good. But the fact there is exactly similar stains on all the others as well is disturbing.

That said, it’s a great piece.


fantastic picture and a great sense of scale. the sun is well placed in that space between the docking cranes and platforms - nice composition. the design of that ship is cool too!


Great image!

It really does convey a sense of size.
The amosphere and light look excellent.

I agree though abou the ‘oilstains’ (they do need a little more work), and maybe some more bump/spec/ref to break up the reflections and lighting.

all in all, one of the best (and best executed) images I’ve seen here for a long time - and I check this forum most days.


Like the lighting alot! Really Nice!


i love the station and lighting. 5*…:thumbsup:


beautifull modeling, and rendering !!

Hamed katebi


This is a stunning composition!

Its so powerfull!!

I really like the perspective and the overall quality of this rendering!!

Just can’t have enough of it!!!

Excellent!:eek: :applause:


C’est formidable! You made me check out your portfolio and homepage :slight_smile: I’d seen your other images before, of course. “Oh, it’s that guy!” :stuck_out_tongue:

I love the mood, light, and concept of this. Especially the unusual design of the ships, great stuff!

Nothing to crit. Five stars.


Wow, great detail and I love the lighting. Very good work.


Great pic! I like the perspective and scale… the colors are great too… good job