Future Soldier (Female)



I decided that I would learn how to use z-brush so I made this concept sculpt.

What I have done so far is to make a base female mesh with Daz studio and then sculpted all the armor and clothing on top of that in z-brush.
What I have left to do is retopologize to get some better surfaces and then details and textures… unless you guys have some other sugestions.

Full size

As it is the first time I realy try to do anything more complex with this program any sugestions or critique would be welcome. :smiley:


Retopologizing done, some more work on a few pieces but after that it is time for some details.

Sugestions or critique is apprecierad… as this is my first real try at zbrush. :slight_smile:

Link to larger image.


Really nice work! what does the mesh look like once you’ve retopo’d?
Where did you get your inspiration from?


Great looking character. The details amount are just perfect (not to less, nor to much).
Can’t wait to see this baby textured.

Keep us updated!


Thanks for the replys, greatly appreciate it.

I guess I got inspiration from all over the place as i didn’t really have much of a concept when I started making this piece.I knew I wanted to do some futuristic hard surface armor that had parts that was heavy armor and other where the skintight under armor was showing.
I guess the actual theme started to form in my mind with the boots. I had been sculpting all over the character trying to find something I liked when I had the idea of trying to make the lower leg armor kind of like those wide flair jeans that people had in the 60’s. And when I had the boots made then I started to use the same curving forms in the rest of the pieces and just exploring what fit with the other pieces along the way.

Sorry for the wall of text there… It would have been easier if I could just have said Halo, Metroid or District 9. Even though some parts might be similar to those things, as some of my friends pointed out, they where not things I consciously had in mind when designing it.

Regarding details. It will need some bolts and screw holes here and there. Some strap or zipper for the pouches. The “under armor” needs some texture and seames. and some of the pieces needs the edges to be adjusted so the intersections isn’t as obvious before i start with the textures but I kind of like it more or less clean on the major armor surfaces.

Regarding the retopology… it is kind of hard to show as they are kind of high rez again as I couldn’t save the lower levels when mirroring or cutting the pieces and it is at the moment just over 100 subtools. So you cant really see the lines as its to many and I don’t really know how to show them for all the subtools in zbrush.
The retopologizing was not to reduce the quads used, it was more to make the parts look machine made rather then sculpted out of clay. I made an as simple retopology of the concept mesh as I could get away with then creased the surfaces I wanted to stay sharp and subdivided it to get the smooth look.


Work In Progres.
Since my last post I have reworked the chest area and the arm mounted guns, just couldn’t get the old design of them to work, and I have added details all over.
Next up is details on the skintight underarmor then texturing, posing and creating and rendering a scene.

Since this is my first real try at zbrush if anyone have critique or sugestions don’t be shy.

Right klick and show image to see a larger version of the image.


Got the character posed and loaded into Maya. Still a few days worth of textureing to do.


I love the detailed description of your work and how this whole project is coming along. This would look sweet with some nice high resolution metal textures on it!



Painting it by hand right now but blending it with photos of high resolution metal might be a good idea, will have to try it.


Blending with photographed textures will make this look awesome. Some scratches in the metal on the boots combined with some dirt, grime and dust would make this really pop.

Halo might be a good reference point, although you’ll probably make it in a different color?


Haven’t had any progress this week other then fixing some broken UVs

Mainly it is because I can’t decide what color to make it in.

Green or Orange?

Turntable witht he two main colors. Only textured up to the knees and the lighter orange needs to be changed to the right color. The rest is just the main color… the green don’t even have main color on the minor pieces, just the overall main color.

so… what do you guys think?


I think both look very cool, but I think that teal/green would suit a soldier better. It depends on what environment you see the soldier operating in. Personally I associate the orange to fire figthers and such, which I think is refreshing from seeing many military themed threads.

After seeing the pale orange clay renders I thought that it could look really sweet with some ceramic looking materials. I really like the surface quality of these:

I think that sort of texture combined with some off-white/beige color would be very interesting on the armour surfaces. For the “skin” I think some ashy rubber would be nice, and the “backpack” could look cool with some metal materials. For the visor I’m hoping for something like this:

I’m really curious to see how this contiues to take shape! Great job!


Started texturing (or started over except for the boots) today.

I went with the green, the orange might have worked as a security guard armor or something… but it just didn’t feel right.

Got the base for the legs mostly done, no scratches or dirt added yet but I will do the rest of the character first before making the armor look worn.

The idea about the yellow thin film kind of goggle look is not bad, will try to make a material like that in Maya when I transfer it over to be rendered.

Some of the parts are turned off and some are half done or not touched at all in the picture bellow but it’s a start… and the color of the vest will have to be changed.
Will have to figure out to what the next time.
right klick and show picture for a larger version


Took a while as my save files got corrupted and I had to do some other projects in between.

   As the save files got corrupted I never got to finish texturing it completly so I just added some textures to the picture in photoshop and made a scene with another zbrush "character" I made a while back.
   Not sure that the composition reads well though... Might have made it to messy.
  Will have to sleep on it and look at it with fresh eyes tomorrow. been staring at it to long today to notice any problems.
   Any sugestions or comments are welcome as always. :)


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