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I am not a C4D user, I use the evil empires software, but have thought of switching due to huge cost involved to keep current. I hope that C4D maintains a long and independent product life ahead of it, because it is the only full 3D package out there not Owned by Autodesk and the company itself is great. Once everything is owned by Autodesk all innovation will probably cease and a new useless screen widget will be added to the interface of all the products each year to justify forcing you to upgrade…

Hey, I belong to the empire, but they “Overtake” not “Innovate” and once they have swallowed up everything, their only motivation and objective will be to make that required 20% profit for their board of investors each year. Long live C4D!

P.S. I have had dealings with Maxon and have always found them to be an awesome company, would like to see one of the good guys win, or at least survive.


So essentially, you’re Boba Fett. Keep the little guys alive, because it’ll keep Vader signing the checks. We get it. :slight_smile:


More of a Jar Jar Binks? Fumbling around with good intentions! :wink:

Actually I just have so much invested in Max and I do architecture so there is a lot of reasons to stick with one company, I have XSI, but haven’t upgraded since they were consumed and tried to support SoftImage as they were independent, now it is just one big dysfunctional family! :wink:

I have had dealings with Maxon due to the challenges I run at 3DAllusions and have always found them to be great. I have also noticed since there is a vRay for C4D that a lot of the challenge finalist, or I should say a lot more are C4D users. Seems to me that your software is doing quite well in archvis. Robert Landsdale of Okino has told me very favorable things about C4D’s file format and maturity of the software. I guess it really comes down to getting SketchUp and Revit files into C4D to me, Oh yah, there are the thousands of materials and models I have for the other guys :frowning:


Hello Russell,

Great to see you over here in the C4D forum! It is quite easy to get SketchUp and Revit files into C4D. SketchUp - export to FBX - import in C4D using the respective units settings to maintain scale. The FBX import gives you cameras and materials as you had in SketchUp. The same holds for REVIT - use the FBX exporter. For REVIT if you do not need materials translation just export to DWG. Cinema can import DWG as well.


Thanks ‘Continuumx’ for the info, would need to try the FBX route as it is sometimes a broken workflow even in Autodesk products. Typically I use DWF format it it very mature and translates geometry and textures (at least name, UVs etc.) better than anything else I have tried. I don’t know if C4D can import DWF or not, perhaps I would have to go through PolyTrans.

In any event once things settle down perhaps I will give C4D a try.


From sketchup your best bet is likely a collada dae file. Its a bit like fbx, but somewhat less evil.


Yes, imashination is correct here! I forgot about collada. Use Collada from SketchUp and FBX from Revit.


Is the inclusion of sculpting also a step towards 3d painting and PTEX support in Bodypaint?


Imashination and The Allusionist,

Back to the SketchUp import to C4D. I prefer the FBX export out of SketchUP and Import FBX to C4D.

The screen sample below shows why:

Fbx gives much better material representation than DAE import format.


Both of those first two screenshots show an extremely low quality 3d view, this can be caused either by having no real gfx card (ie onboard gfx card) or more likely a grossly large scene scale. When you load it in, try setting the import scale down a couple of decimal places. eg. if the import window shows import scale 1, try setting it to 0.01


It also looks like the Collada importer is using the default Cinema material for a lot of the object. I wonder if that’s because there’s no material assigned in SU?



The problem is not geometry. The problem is material assignments being accurately reflected in the imported result. DAE import into C4D does not result in the same material correct assignments as shown in SketchUp or in the FBX import into C4D.


I appreciate the help but please know that for Architectural scenes in C4D, OPENGL presents a problem with display editor and viewport speed (not productive) therefore I now default to software display, hence the low quality of the previous screenshot.

Here is the OPENGL display and I think it is clear from the image below where the DAE importer is failing. Not only default materials, glass, other materials are not coming through in the DAE Import as is for FBX Import in C4D.

DAE import gets 3 out of 10 materials correct.
FBX import gets 10 out of 10 materials correct.

I will use the FBX import as I have always done.


Obviously go with whatever works best, though one other thing that may help, in the collada import preferences, try enabling the “fix transparency” options just in case. Some files incorrectly apply the wrong transparency to the materials which can hide the underlying colour of the material.

Just out of curiosity, whats the opengl issue you have? There is a world of difference between the speed and quality of the software shading and opengl.


Thanks - I think it is part of the ongoing discussion with OPENGL. It is basically viewport speed. I did not think about this in versions 10 or 11 as an issue. I checked release 13 and the issue is present there as well. The issue is when I want to rotate the camera view in a viewport, it takes a few seconds to register the movement. This is after I have executed the shortcut to do so. It usually takes about 2 or 3 rounds of issuing the command then waiting a few seconds, do it again, etc to get the movement going. Sometimes it is a hesitance on C4D putting the cursor cross in the window or trying to select an object with the new object highlight in the viewport (orange or white outline around the object being selected). It is always a hesitance. If I switch to software view this goes away.

This is especially true with the scene I posted a screenshot above. This is not an intensive architecture scene in terms of number of objects.

I definitely enjoy OPENGL mode but the hesitance before camera movement (rotation, movement) is slow enough to interfere with the specific task at hand.


Try this, in your prefs, go to the navigation tab and set camera mode to ‘object’, and Dolly to Cursor to ‘Off’

With R13 or so they added a new navigation mode which uses whatever is under your mouse as the pivot point for moving, zooming and rotating. As nice as this is, it has to ask the opengl system to tell it what is under the mouse pointer. On complex scenes, this can lag.


This thread is so long the future of CINEMA 4D has now become the past of CINEMA 4D.


Thanks Mash! This has improved the experience greatly. That ArchVis scene I had issues with hesitance previously is gone. Its a lot like I remember R11 and R12. I like the dolly to cursor, but not at the expense of lagging viewport interaction.


I’m really happy that I started this thread because lots of priceless & precious input from many wonderful people…


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