Future in Animation


Hi All,
My son is an avid Animation freak:blush: My background is in Accounting/Finance/IT:) I tried to get him interested in engineering, medicine, and computer science:banghead:
Of course he won and … so, we have started looking at universities and colleges for Animation. I would appreciate any kind of assistance regarding good schools and which academic programs in Classical Animation we should be looking at. He’s currently a junior in high school and any recommendations regarding the kind software or online classes he should be currently taking would be appreciated!


Animation is a tough career to pursue but at the end of the day if your kid is all ready really excited then why not go for something he will enjoy doing? The good thing with these days it that your kid does not have to spend gobs of money to become a good animator it is all about practice and time investment. His portfolio is going to be the best weapon to get a job past networking and meeting people. I would recommend that he learns Maya since it is the leading software used by most companies in the industry right now. For eduication I would reccomend one of the online schools since he will not get bogged down by extra classes and debt doing things he does not care about. A few good online schools would be animation mentor, iAnimate, or animsquad.

There are lots of great online resources for getting better at this craft as well as books such as the illusion of life, Animation Survival Kit, Character Animation Crash Course! He can download a free 2 year copy of Maya from Autodesk site using it for education purposes and there are plenty of free rigs on the internet that he can use to teach him self the process. I hope that helps you out and I wish your son the best of luck in his path of becoming a animator.


India is one of the most preferred outsourcing countries. We not only do outsourcing services, we are also a creator of original animation. Some of the popular original contents are Chota bheem, Little Krishna, Delhi Safari, Arjun, Road Side Romeo etc. Animation is a combination of entertainment and technology. It is composed of design, drawing, layout and production of graphically rich multimedia clips. Time and space are important in animation. Those who excel in drawing and creativity can choose animation as their career by joining animation institute. An animator’s job is to analyze the script thoroughly and get into the skin of the character. Creating a germ called idea, storyboard, Character design, backgrounds, etc. and using technical methodology to create stunning visuals short movies is the ideal steps in making a successful animation feature.


Looks great! Thank you!


Mark, thank you very much for the wonderful advice…we have checked the online school options and my son is very excited ! I also checked out the animation programs at USC and UCLA and we are going to explore that option as well. I’ll probably have more questions for you in the future…once again, thank you for taking the time! much appreciated!