Future Bicycle


Alright well i thought that i would start a concept design for a futuristic bicycle. This bike is solar powered so you can switch from regular to solar powered. haha. yeah its going to be part of my college portfolio. So here is a really crapy photoshop painting of it and the sketch.




Heres the model



Looks like your off to a good start, cant wait to see the finished model.


Alright i had to start over because i messed up on the wheels so here it is so far.

If your wondering what kind of solar panels im using its something like this.


hoodedpython- thanks for the compliments!


Alright well here is the peddles im probably going to change them but for now thats what they look like.


Alright i have the main kind of shape of the body, just have to work out some problems and stuff then i can start the stiring and the seat. So here it is so far.

Got the intake in there and everything.


Well here is an update on the bike added the steering which i still need to work on. Add the start, lights, and modes buttons on there and in the middle did the battery. So yeah.


I see no way of steering this bike at slow speeds. The rims would be unstable and too flexible, also not very aerodynamic. I would change the geometry of the frame, keep the seat height and handle bars at the same level, make a new kind of drop bar. Lower the bottom bracket height and extend the length of the crank arms. Also id suggest moving the front wheel forward so when standing on the bike, all your weight isn’t over the front of the wheel. I’m just saying all this because I come from a cycling background and I don’t see this design very practical.


yeah i know i saw that a few days ago and i havent changed it yet, for the other stuff i have no idea what your talking about. but thanks anyway for the suggestions.


Alright well here is the back thing for the lights and i need help on it, i dont know how to design it, so if you have any suggestions please help. I need this model done by Sat. because im going to the Art Institute for this open house thing so i want to show them some of my work and concept designs.


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