fusionThing plugin now available...


Greetings fellow C4D fans,
It gives me great pleasure to be able to announce the availability of fusionThing 1.0,
a major modelling and animation plugin for C4D R8.5 and above.

It provides a powerful set of tools for combining meshes in flexible ways, making possible many things that would otherwise be impractical…

Some of the key features:

[li]Model/animate using pieces of geometry - a powerful complement to Cinema4D’s vertex/polygon toolset.[/li][li]Allows major changes to be made to highly detailed models.[/li][li]Create seamlessly welded complex meshes (Great with HyperNURBS!)[/li][li]Advanced shape conform, interpolation and curvature correction to map child meshes onto parent meshes.[/li][li]Over 100 control parameters giving extensive control over combining.[/li][li]Most controls can be keyframed, and some can even be driven by material channels.[/li][li]‘Immediate mode’ for rapid workflow, ‘Object mode’ for maximum flexibility.[/li][li]Recursive detailing limited only by processor speed and memory.[/li][li]Optional probabalistic mesh selection and alignment.[/li][li]Useful for many kinds of modelling, see website[/li][/ul]For more information and to buy - visit the fusionThing web page.

I’ve put a huge amount of time and effort into the development of this plugin, so I hope you like what you see…

Currently on sale for $135 - increasing to $195 from 1st August.

If you have any questions of comments - please post.

I’ve attached a sample image to tempt you. The second attached image shows the meshes that fT used to build the first.

Visit the web-site to see lots more samples, animations, tutorial, videos, etc.

 Steve Baines


Hi Steve,
I thought things had been a bit quiet at Atrofish of late!
This looks very interesting! A lot of information to read through!


I’ve been testing this for Steve and it’s an awesome plugin. Maybe the best description would be “the Jenna of procedural modeling”. :slight_smile: Highly recommended.


This looks really really interesting - procedural modelling in C4d?
Steve will there be a demo version as well ? or one that will work with the demo of C4d?


Hi jp,
Currently there isn’t a demo version - I’ve been too busy getting the full version ready!
I’m considering making one, but it won’t be straight away…

On the web page there are a couple of videos showing the tool in action (they are a bit rough at the moment and I will re-record them, but I thought I’d put them up anyway in the meantime).

The full tutorial manual is also available for download from the main page as well.

Cheers - Steve


I would like to know more about how this image was done. This plugin looks very cool. :thumbsup:



Check out the second video tutorial on the training video page. It doesnt show exactly how that image was made, but it might help give you a better idea.

Very interesting plugin. Came out of nowhere!

Sure are a lot of people competing for my wallet this month.



Looks awsome as always!   Do you know it is "9.5" ready (the rumored next release of C4D?)



“An error occured with the transaction. Contact the merchendizer”

Astrofish, please check if I’m fine before I try order again, thanks.



It worked anyway :slight_smile:
Guess I’ll be a little more busy for a couple of days now!



where do you get that from??? I doubt that a plugin developer could anticipate future release cmopaitibility. And if he did know something about future releases, I am sure he would not tell. Funny how speculative talk about new releases always comes up at this time of year…


Thanks Steve,
understand you are busy … if you haev some more vids to post, even rough ones, it would be great!


Noone who realy knows will tell what is currently worked on or when it will be released. Every currently available “info” on this is simply a rumour.
To expect that Maxon will deliver something after R9 is a given of course :slight_smile:



Hey, the beta has been seeded to some people. I figured he might know if it’s been tested. Other plugin developers have told me before when they’re charging $100+ for a plugin when the next rev is close. If Steve doesn’t want to/can’t say that’s OK too. I’ve already bought it. If he or Srek want to PM me and complain, that’s OK too. I’m not a Maxon insider or ever seen Maxon’s NDA, so I have not a clue about what folks can or cannot say. :slight_smile:

Since some of my “problems” are likely fixed in the next release, I figured I’d ask.


Anyhow, Steve. Awsome plugin dude! After 10 minutes of playing with it, I actually have a few production things this is going to be used in this week! Talk about timing! Imagine if I actually take the time to read your full manual.

Great Stuff! :bowdown: :applause:

Let me know if you’re ever in the bay area. I’d like to buy you a beer. :beer:





Holy Crap! This could revolutionize the modeling workflow in Cinema. Making it easier to just model simple parts and let the plugin do the assembly. The auto-cleanup feature is the key. Not to mention, the more efficient meshes, by not having hidden caps and fillets in an assembly. (a robot/mecha, made from procedural forms, converted to polys, would have a ton of hidden, useless points, with the old method, for example).

Damn, I’m going to stay poor if I keep using Cinema. (all these wonderful plugins)


Just to add, in addition to the awesome modeling features this plugin as some amazing applications for animation/motion graphics.


After watching those tutorial movies, I did try to resist but couldn’t.
Despite that horrendous VAT, I had to have this.
This is a real revolution, no doubt about it.

Superb work, Steve!

Must say your English is very understandable for someone from the continent.
(Although you rattle like an Italian. :wink: )

Let’s hope the upcoming “delivery” is not too expensive…


This could be the Holy Grail of filletting. This will make pipe welds a snap.

Damn! My credit card’s on fire. (grabs for fire extinguisher).


This will make architectural constructions even easier than Jenna.

This will be an excellent tool to combine with Jenna and Xfrog.

The possibilities are staggering.

(my brain hurts, must… put … down … mouse … and take a nap)