Fusion360 to Cinema4D


Hey all!
Any tips how to import .stl, .iges or .step formats to Cinema4D from there fast way?
.step is not supported in Cinema4D
.stl is not working in R19. May be importer is outdated idk.
.iges importing with a lot of useless stuff.
There’s an .obj and .fbx format too available in 360 but it’s really-really tedious job needs to be done to export .obj files from there.

Files for example: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1kQCHHLPuhY6WtnCCelQxv204pkqfBuCa


As far as I know you’ll need to live with the obj/fbx or introduce another workflow:

fusion -> .step -> okino (polytrans/nugraf) -> .c4d
fusion -> .step -> rhino 3d -> .obj -> .c4d
fusiont ->step -> modo + translators -> .fbx -> .c4d

If the file isn’t over complicated, I can do a quick conversion from STEP to .c4d


Thanks for comment!
I don’t have Rhino or Modo and as I understand Okino will not be available at Cinema4D soon.
So for now I use obj\fbx workflow but there are too many iterations needs to be done to use it normally at working pipeline.


my workflow is Fusion360 -> (STEP) -> MoI -> (obj) ->c4d

Yes it is a little tedious, but MoI has really excellent control over mesh tessellation when exporting to OBJ and is not very expensive

I would LOVE to see a robust STEP importer for C4D, either plugin or native


Moi is fairly priced and has indeed a very useful CAD to OBJ mesher.


If you have 3DCoat, you can use it for conversion from stl to obj…


Thanks all to yours comments!
Actually before I got to Fusion360 I had really hard time to choose between Moi and 360. And now it looks like I should get it anyway. .step importer could be a really great helper indeed.
I don’t have 3DCoat either but have Zbrush which can import stl and export obj and I use it sometimes. I just wanted to know some more straightforward ways to get models from 360 to C4D.


STL -> obj
doesn’t make sence both are polygons … so you can import stl dirext into C4D


In Windows 10 there is a Paint 3D program, it opens the STL and can export to FBX.
It’s amazing that Paint 3D can do something C4D can not :smiley:


wow thats a cool tip! i never would have guessed MS paint can do that now:)



I don’t know why the built-in .stl importer is not opening certain .stl files.
But I found some .stl parsing code on the internet and used it to write my own .stl importer plugin.
I don’t work with these kinds of files and CAD programs myself. So I used the .stl file E2GO uploaded as a test file. And it’s working fine for me.
The plugin is Windows only (I don’t own a MAC). But it should work in the PC version of C4DR13 and higher.

Give it a try:


P.S. - I also took a look around for a .STEP SDK. But AFAIK it’s not free. Except for a 30 day trial.
So Yeah…Big nope on that one.


Sadly Cinema4D can’t import .stl models exported from Fusion360.


That’s an amazing finding! Glad to know now about that! Still could be nice to have fully working .stl importer in cinema4D.


Wow. Thanks a lot for the importer! It works just great on R19 and without any issues. All imported models got nice welded edges and no any errors occured. It load complex models a bit longer but that’s not a problem. If I’ll get any issue - I’ll post it here. Hope Maxon team will fix their importer and made .step integration some day but for now it’s nice timesaver.
Thanks a lot again!
p.s.: 1 small issue I got is when I importing multiple .stl one by one into the scene it merges them all into one single model.


I didn’t set it up to work with multiple files. It’s just a very basic single file importer.
You’ll need to import each .stl file one-at-a time and make sure you don’t have any object’s selected in your scene when you open a new .stl file.

The code is fairly simple. It builds each triangle and then imports it to C4D (that’s a lot of objects for a large mesh).
Then the code does a select all->combine->optimize on them to make the final mesh.
When I wrote it I thought to myself that it’s going to be very slow for high poly meshes. But I didn’t want to put much too time and effort into it if nobody used it.
I don’t use these kinds or apps to know what options are useful. But I can post the source code and let someone else optimize it the way they want.



You already made a great work so thanks a lot) Hope all other work needed will Maxon do.