Fusion, why cant I paste an instance?


I am very new to fusion (Version:6.4 build 1092) and at the start of the learning curve, I’m doing a tutorial but when I’m asked to copy a node and paste an instance I am unable to do so even though the command is clearly visible. What appears is a window asking

“How should loaders and savers be pasted? Instancing of loaders and savers is not supported with options Do not instance, Do not paste, and cancel.”

However the lecturer in the tutorial has no such problem.

I am able to paste an instance of a Tool node, I just did it with the Transform node.

Does anyone know the solution.

Many thanks :


it seems the answer is right there, you cant instance loaders and savers.

you can make instances of other tools, but no Loader/saver
maybe you had other tools selected to and copied them with the tool you wanted to instance

which tools are your trying to copy/instance?


Hi Michael,
Thanks for the speedy reply, I’ve checked the tutorial (Digital tutors Compositing 3D renders) and the lecturer definitely makes an instance of the loader node, its coloured green and there’s a green line coming from the original node to the instanced one. I’ve posted on the Digital tutors forum also. I just like to be very methodical when learning new software but I’m sure I can work around it anyway.

I had a look at your portfolio and showreel, excellent work.

Very grateful


From the look of the lecturer’s interface in that series, he’s probably using an earlier version of Fusion. I’m really not sure why he’s making an instance of a loader. It would be far simpler (and better practice) to just pull a branch off of the existing loader.

The only reason I can think of that he’d want an instance is if he was planning on changing trim controls or something like that on one of them. I’ve seen people do that sort of thing when they’re making clean plates.

But if that were the plan, a Time Stretcher or Time Speed tool would be the better way to do it because if he did want to swap footage, the in- and out- points would all get reset, and unless he puts a note in there about what the trims should be, anyone who picks up the file later is going to have to guess what the intent was.