Fusion or Nuke in job?


Ok it is another topic about <which app> but not about “best”.
I need help with it.
Ok, we have two very powerful node-based compositor apps. Result of those guys actually could be the same. The question is about job and the applicability of knowledge in studios pipelines. Time to time I see vacancies in VFX or cinematic or something like that with the Nuke in the requirements. I am afraid of “putting eggs in Fusion bag”.
Does any studios use blackbox soft at all? Maybe anybody know approximately percentage of Nuke, Fusion and others comps app in real studios? :wink:
What is the position of Fusion in the industry? Other compositing apps? Chances to get a job with fusion in the resume?

p.s.: My primary cg package is 3dsMax and experience in Fusion is about 2-3 years. Really like it and have no problem with it. Working with small advertising and business video. Now i am try to move in VFX.


Nuke is the king (in terms of installation base) in the compositing field, fusion is used in some smaller studios or by “one-man bands”. there are only 2 bigger studios with significant use of fusion: PrimeFocus (but i think its mainly used for their stereo conversion pipeline) and BLUR

AfterEffects is the third player in the market, but its used more in design oriented task and in motion graphics. some folks do also use it for VFX work, but i think its not the strong field of AE

then there is the niche of client attended sessions, mostly in the commercial world, which is the playing field for autodesk flame (and smoke)

but the concepts of a node based compositing is the same in fusion and nuke. if you can do work with on, you will have no hard time in working with the other. some tools change and some details are different, but in the end its compositing.


On;ly had a chance a to try Fusion after the free one was released. I must say, for compositing 3D rendering, Nuke is really much easier and cleaner to use due to it’s superior multi-channel functionality. Since most our renders are multi-channel EXR Nuke makes it very easy to pull any channel we need from any node at any point of our node tree. While roto, masking, and 3D I found Fusion to be more intuitive to use.