Fury, Viktor Yakubovich (3D)


Title: Fury
Name: Viktor Yakubovich
Country: Ukraine
Software: 3ds max

Fury in old greek mythology- goddess of the revenge and punishments, in rimckoy mythologies - a goddess of the revenge, twinges. But she too sometimes can be not cruel and dreamy ))).
Used programs- Max-Zbrush-Unfold3d-PS
Hairs are created hair and fur.


The tree trunk and the wings aren’t as good, but the rest could pass as black&white photography. Amazingly realistic work, congratulations.


The anatomy work is superb,5 stars man!


Very realistic, nice job, wings are looking little odd otherwise you have done a great job with the lady :slight_smile:



awesome anotomy


Superb work! :thumbsup: Modeling is perfect as always! My only crit concerns some foreshortening (especially the left forearm), which one would try to avoid in photography as well. Otherwise definitely a 5* piece!

To be honest: lighting, background and subject reminds me a bit on my own project presented here in the WIP section, which i put aside in January this year:
The similarity probably just an unhappy coincidence, telling me: it’s about time to resume the piece and to finish it as soon as possible…


in one word outstanding work.Can you post some wireframe plz:applause:


Thank you!


fantastic job, great sculpt!! :applause:


The figure is stunning, well done!


Amazing anatomy skills also nice lighting!! only the wings don’t really suit her. otherwise perfect :wink:


stunning and exceptionally tasteful piece vikji, congratulations!


Excellent work on the character!:thumbsup:

The only thing that really throws me off is the lighting. There’s so much light coming from behind her and she is showing zero rim lighting? I’d also reduce the front light for a more moody look and to go along better with the overall scene lighting scheme. Currently it looks somewhat like a studio pic taken against a poster background to my eyes.



That is exactly what I thought. For me it is the subject matter. The wonderful model doesnt really need those wings and the realism jars with the fantasy elements. The wings dont look like they are a part of the model. The set doesnt look like the scene is one element.


She seems to have men legs. Not comparable to the remaining body.


try to abuse such wing )) to bones plus powerful muscles weigh not little…


Feel works very, very good, very fond of you carving the female body! :beer:
Marshal canopy
Discobolos :bounce:


Beautiful image. I love it when someone takes a subject and shows it in a entirely new light. The expression on her face is perfect. My only critic is the wings seems to have a little more painted look to them were the body looks more photographed or sculpted. Overall, very well done. :applause:


impressive model… :thumbsup:


:bowdown:really love the character…