Fury Of The Nightblades - Dark Elves, Sacha Angel Diener (2D)


Title: Fury Of The Nightblades - Dark Elves
Name: Sacha Angel Diener
Country: Switzerland
Software: Painter, Photoshop

Digital painting for the warcry set, my first work for the warhammer universe :slight_smile:
painted in photoshop7 and painter2


Absolutely G R E A T !!! :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :thumbsup: SEVEN ***** + ** STARS my friend.


Lovely Ladies…


Very nice! :thumbsup:


luuuuuuuuverly - luuuuuuuuverly girls
Very much like there poses…dynamic and strong the same time and it has the “Sacha-Style”. What more can we ask for :smiley:


hie sacha~u’ve made it at last~the final output turns out more than i expected.:love:


Personally, I think the Witch Elves should looks more sinister


Nice work. You have a very nice style of painting. Love the dragon keep up the good work


VERY nice! I saw an early stage sketch for this earlier.
Nice looking girls, cool armour, and very nice poses :slight_smile:


Loving it!:thumbsup:


but, but… does these girls don´t have your creditcard :stuck_out_tongue: they have no clothes… :smiley:

looks very good though… action as usal… :bounce: you done well again… :thumbsup:


de Gerardo, Jose Pardo, DarkSkills: thanks a lot mates :slight_smile:

Kyena: glad you like the final result. under pressure, i feel like i messed up quiet a lot of things, hehe, i still have much to learn but I’m working on it and it is one of my best 2d at the moment, so next approach is to top this :slight_smile:

sh@ke: lol, what did u expect then?:blush:

Zenneth: Hey :slight_smile: the 1st who gets they are witchelves and nor elfhuntresses. yeah they look a but sweet for that, but in the other hand, i paint beautifull girls like that and thats what the brides of Khaine are, right? and who sais someone cute cannot be dangerous. :wink:

Wildcory: :slight_smile: thanks

Henning: thanks a lot, glad you like the final piece. hehe, much appreciated:)

Sergio: thanks :slight_smile:

Makaron: hahahahah first, your new avatar made me almost fall off my chair Mona :scream: lmao, rofl. too cute! bout gurls that love go shopping. hahaha, runnin gag, yah, don’t they all? damn, where’s ma creditard :stuck_out_tongue: hahaha. glad u like my elves.


Yeah baby …NUT force in maximum…awesome work…and i really love the ladies…image has a lot of power…they are attacking in fury…Glad to see u are keeping your self busy…:thumbsup:



nice stuff, excellent action



very well done sacha… looks magnificent.


Dimi: weee! thanks a lot King Nutsos!

Squib: :slight_smile: thanks mate!

Neeno: glad u like it!

m@ just told me i’m frontpaged! what an honor! thankees :slight_smile:


very nice work you’ve done sacha! i recognise the girl when I first see front page! great job!


Super! Great dinamics!


Very nice… cool composition.


Yeah! Good to see this finished Sacha :thumbsup: looking every bit as good as imagined it would - shame about the muscle man sniffle but it actually does look more unified with all women. Great stuff :slight_smile: