Furcas The 58th Spirit, Per Gullarp (2D)


Title: Furcas The 58th Spirit
Name: Per Gullarp
Country: Sweden
Software: Photoshop

I did an interpretation of a demon from the book Goetia a while ago. And it sprung to an idea to make a whole bunch of them. Presumably this will never happen but it would be fun if it did. The Idea was quite simple, pose them up one by one on a flat background. No deep forest or lava landscapes (mostly because I´m no good at it.) and making it look like paintings from an old book like “Necronomicon” or some other devilish work!

Well, here is another one. Furcas the 58th spirit. Painted in Photoshop with the Furcas seal behind made in Illustrator and with a scaned watercolor background.


Very nicely done. Interested in seeing more (especially with some deep forests or lava backgrounds… maybe…someday…) :thumbsup:


nice anathomy and figures and color:thumbsup:


very nice!.. the texture is very dimamical…


Nice. Keep up the good work. I’m really looking forward to seeing that book one day :wink:


Yarr matey!

Excellent work as always!
I’d really like to see a nice description av Mr. Furcas, I mean, what’s he for? Is he the nice demon who’s always willing to lend a helping hand…?

…sorry, my doctor has forbidden me to make bad jokes, I’ll behave now and take my pills… :wink:


awesome work, detail in the anataomy is great


Hey there Sailor!
Ok, this is the bloke you dial if you like to learn some more about palm reading. He knows a lot of other stuff to, Astrology, Pyromancy, Logic bla bla but I focused on the Cheiromancy thing. So I thought it would be cool if he was a collector of… hands!


An Awesome work here! I really love the idea, and the color of the body is very good with the background! The hand collecting idea is cool, looks uncommon for me, its quite unique!

Great job…



hi per :slight_smile:
great to see another demon from you! really awesome style as usual :thumbsup:


nice work!:thumbsup: Interesting character concept, creepy! kinda reminds me of the drawings from 13 Ghosts movie but with color.


:buttrock: great mystic feeling!! I love the way you did the background… I think that a forest would be not so mystical ehehe
an hand-collector :slight_smile: wooow


great great.

Can I ask you how you made the background?

I really love your style ! 4 stars !


Excellent! Love the style and the background texture is cool :wink:


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